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brenaMay 4, 2007

Hi all, I have not posted here in a year because I lost my Mother and was having a very hard time with it..but now know I cant get her back and must move on with my life, but I want to get a tattoo in remembrance of her on my ankle..My question is, back when we were fighting this disease somewhere on the net I crossed a teardrop icon to be used in email I believe it was for Alzheimers/Dementia disease and I cannot find it anywhere..Does anyone know where I might find this icon? for it is the same as I want my tattoo.

Also would like to say, caregiving to someone with Alzheimers is the hardest job I had to do in my life, and I know what you all are going through..It is a horrible disease and my thoughts and prayers go out to all of you..and to those of you who have lost a loved one.

Thank you to those who answered my questions and helped me!

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I found a great article about tattoos, and this interesting one fits. I am so sorry to hear about your mother, Brena. May you find peace in the best memories of her.

From the article:
"What's an example of a rite-of-passage tattoo that you have done?

"The last one I did was for this guy who wanted a tattoo to represent his wife, who was suffering from Alzheimer's. It was a tribute to her.

"The tattoo was a doorway opening up into a universe -- with a key floating in front of the door and stars and other things on the other side of it. Symbolically, this was supposed to signify that life goes on whether you have a body or not. "

Here is a link that might be useful: Articles about tattoos

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And you might not want a teardrop tattoo after reading this

Here is a link that might be useful: Tattoo codes

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Would your mother have wanted you to get a tattoo in her memory? I ask because my mother would be spinning in her grave.

I, personally think that some tattoos are great. She thought they were just terrible. I always wanted one. But now that my skin has gotten all baggy and saggy, I can't help but wonder what it would look like.

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interesting that this should be brought up, our matthew is determined to get a tatoo, he will be 24 in a couple of weeks so i have no say, however Al was a graphic artist, this is what he went to school for and got his degree, he also had a logo that he put on everytrhing, and matthew is determined to get this on his back somewhere, not huge about a 2 inch one no larger, he going on vaction in 3 weeks and says that he will get it done there. i told him to wait it's only been 2 months and you shouldn't do things forwhile (this coming from a woman who took out all her wall to wall carpeting and is putting in laminite flooring herself and typing this on the floor because of the flooring! - lol). i did ask him what happens when your 80 will you want this? tattoos are big here in our city of 125,000 with atleast a dozen shops, please make sure that the parlor is licensed and uses new needles!

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Personally I would not tattoo- but I do hope you find the one you want. I also lost my Mom last year and it's not easy- Dad died a month after her. I just want to get through what I think will be hardest for me- Mother's Day. My dh is out of state so I'm alone - but at least I will be working which is a good thing to fill most of the day.

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I lost my husband last month. He had Alzheimer's, but that is not what killed him. I mourned for my husband during his 9 months in a care home. I took a vacation after he died to be away from reminders of him. I hope someday to be able to remember him without memories of the last few months. When I think about him, I try to concentrate on the fact that he is now at peace.

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