any idea what this tea set is? big pictures.

bigchevy69October 13, 2012

Just wondering if you can tell me what this is.

I did some internet digging, and really couldn't find anything.

Any ideas?

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Pictures of the whole set would be nice.
The one piece you show appears to be the sort of thing that was decorated by hobby decorators.....and the fact that the 2 pieces you show have different marks also points to it being white ware decorated by someone other than the manufacturer.
How many different marks are there? What does the rest of the set look like? I believe it dates from about 1910 to maybe 1925 or so.
Linda c

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Your first picture shows an early pottery mark of Dumler und Breiden. Please describe or picture the set you have. Showing just the bottom of one piece with the mark made in Germany doesn't tell us much of anything. This doesn't not look like 'hobbyist' work, btw. How do we know that the first piece is related to the second one as a set, even?

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Sorry, I've been rushed with things all weekend, hopefully I'll have more time tonight after all the in-laws leave.

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Alright, I got more pictures. I apologize for the delay.

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I think the best way to describe it is an irridescent German China snack set. Made about 1910....and a relative of the one linked below...only nicer.
Definitely not of the of the "decorated by genteel china painting lady" category.
There was a lot of Czech china with that look too....perhaps this was during the time when Czechoslovakia was part of Germany.

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This is just a delightful set, and quite lovely. I have seen other examples of the D u B mark on china on the internet, and it never goes forth to explaining whose mark it is. However, I still believe it is Dumler and Breiden. Their manufactory was in operation from 1883 forth until the 1990s.....and their work post war and into the modern era was mostly in large, clunky pots and steins. I have seen pictures of that mark on early steins bottoms, but a year was not given. Just that is was early.

Were I to guess a year on would be simply that.....a guess based on the popularity of snack sets and the configuration of the coffe pot. I'd say late forties to early fifties. It's quite, quite lovely!

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Awesome, thank you. It was found at an antique shop, the wife loved it, so her parents got it for her for her birthday. She is happy with it, and that's all that matters, I just like to have an idea of what stuff is.
Thanks again.

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Well, please bear in mind it could be older, as Linda suggests. The opalescent effect to the finish is unusul enough it may help as a clue in dating as well.

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I was basing my time period guess-timate on the general style...and the sort of 20's feel to the shape and pattern.

The big push for snack sets was in the late 40's....and everyone had at least one of those sets of 4...often in that pattern called "boopie".
But in my many hours spent standing next to a hay rack full of stuff and wandering around flea markets and shows, I have seen some china sets marked with markings I felt were at least 20's or earlier.
that "artist's pallette" shape was found in some of the nicer china pieces....below is a link to a set bearing a mark that was discontinued in the early 1920's....and this one is Japanese!

I sure have seen that shape of the creamer, sugar and pot many times....but durned if I can find an example of it on- line!!

I still say 20's...and I don't know my history on when Czechoslovakia became independent and when their wares would have been labeled Germany....but it looks very Czech to me....that solid band, all the gold, and the irridescent interior all speak to Czech to me.

And it's so pristine....can't have been used much!

Here is a link that might be useful: nippon snack set

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I agee with your comments on the style being very '20s' on the pot, especially. It almost screams it. My gut feeling on the snack set craze being 40s and 50s pushed me in that direction, however. I have found four or five examples of that trademark on various sales sites, and they were all dishes or table service and all had patterns suggestive of the forties to me and that also played into my hunch it's not quite that old. Not one vendor would commit to whom that trademark implied. I did find an exact duplicate of it on a German Beer stein bottom attributed to Dumler/Breiden. Several family members ran and directed that enterprise, doing business over a century, and I feel that certainly at one point in time, they did things other than steins and vases and that history is not on the inet.

The palette shape is very popular and it doesn't speak Chech to me anymore than German or English. It also affirms mid-century to me. Here is a very similar set, German, I found. It would be much more helpful if we could find examples of the pot/sugar/creamer design than of just the plate and cup.

Here is a link that might be useful: similar snack plate/cup German

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It's the shape that says earlier to me....but it's the solid color band and irridescence that speaks Czech.

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Gosh, that's gorgeous!

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