question about old floor lamp and cleaning finish

trailrunnerbikerOctober 4, 2008

I saw Marita's post and thought I would see what some of you think. I got this for $8 and have seen them restored. I thought I would try my inexperienced hand. I have not posted here much but am hoping for your advice. I am going to rewire and found what I need at Paxton's website. I have cleaned so far with very fine steel wool and Pam. That worked well. I then used Brasso. This is where I am so far. A magnet does stick. Thanks in advance, Caroline

have done nothing to this area:

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Looking good...
Put a little brasso on the steel wool and rub, then wipe off with paper towel.
Also Barkeepers friend cleans's slightly don't rub hard....but it contains oxalic acid which removes tarnish.
Linda c

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Hey this brass plate then ? Since it is magnetic? I already tried the steel wool and Brasso...this is how it looks after a good scrubbing. I am thinking I should have left it alone after the Pam and looked like oilrubbed bronze with highlights...sigh...I have Sophisticated Solutions in oilrubbed bronze so I can add the patina back I think.

Anyone else with ideas...I am so glad to have suggestions. Caroline

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I wonder if it was plated at all--might have just been a faux-brass finish, which the brasso began to remove. I'd try the Sophisticated Solutions, I think. I had a lamp like this and if it was plated, it was a really thin layer. I just wiped it clean and lived with the patina, such as it was.


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A mgnat sticks to a ferrous metal...or something that has a ferrous metal core...
A magnat will often stick to the thin uprights on an old brass bed, because there is a steel rod inside for support....brass bends easily.
I suspect your lamp base is what used to be known as "white brass' a copper alloy containing a large amount of chrome, I think it is....and some zinc.
I think it will polish up more....but it will then be "silver-ish" and if you want it patinated, you will have to let that happen.
Better natural than out of a bottle in my opinion...
Linda C...NOT naturally blond any more! LOL!

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Thanks linda and annie I had the SF here and just used it. It turned out fine. Not the same as the original but better than what I did to it. I now know to never use anything but oil and fine steel wool...that gave the prettiest finish. Live and learn. Here is how it looks now. It is really hard to get a good pic.

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Looks great!
Now what is the white? Glass? or marble?

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linda it is marble. I also got one with a beautiful huge glass base that was $8. I have started cleaning it also. It is not as ornate at all and not as pretty metal but the glass base is so I will post tomorrow. I had no idea I would enjoy doing lamps...thank you for your support. c ( I haven't been on Cooking in ages !)

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That really turned out very nicely, I think.


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thank you Annie. I was happy with it but I sure did learn a lesson. No more Brasso til I have tried just the oil. c

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I bought an old brass lamp that has turned a greenish color on base. Does it make it move valuable with the color of green at bottom or should I clean it and if so what with? Thanks

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i have a lamp that has the following on a label
Underwriters Laboratories Inc
Portable Lamp
Issue # 44640 Westwood Industries, Inc. New York, NY

does anyone have any information on when it was made or what it is worth. it is very heavy. i think it is brass.

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The UL tag simply means that the wiring was inspected by them and found safe....says nothing about who made the lamp.
Linda C

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