advice for transplant patient/gardening?

trebleMay 4, 2006

Anyone out there with experience in post organ transplant recovery and gardening? (Particularly kidney transplant?) thanks!

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Just what are you interested in? Do you want to know if the patient can garden? You need to ask the doctor about how much physical activity is allowed. I would imagine that it would depend on the patient's general health rather than the transplant. This is not something that you should rely on the advice and information from strangers. You may get some good information, but the physician MUST make the decision as to what can be done. People vary so much.

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When using strong chemicals to control weeds and insects, wear a face mask and gloves to prevent breathing the fumes and getting it splashed on your skin. I asked my son about this since he is a post kidney transplant , his transplant was on Sept 2, 2000. Don't lift bags of soil or fertilizer , instead use a rolling cart.

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Critically important...stay away from mold! (as in leaf or wood type.) When my DH had his heart transplant a previously transplanted fellow was brought back to the hospital in very critical condition due to using leaf mold while planting a tree. Fortunately, he got there in time, but it was sure touch 'n go for awhile.

There is so much to learn about patients on immuno suppressants! One thing we were told was that meticulous washing was required for eating anything raw- fruits, veggies, etc. Waterless hand cleaners should be nearby and used frequently whether in the yard, car or home. (I bought two of the pocket size bottles & refill them to have when ever DH has to touch anything in public places.)

Never hesitate to call the doctor or transplant coordinator with ANY questons...they'd much rather deal with ??'s than struggle to save a life.


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Thank you so much for the info and advice. I do pose questions to my doctors and medical team. I also wanted some practical insight on how gardening people work out their gardening dynamics under immunosuppressed conditions. For instance, when it's so hot, how do you keep cool and still protected? (masks, gloves, clothing, etc) Get others to do heavy lifting and spreading of mulch?

Suzi, thanks for the heads up on the posts in my email box. I'll reset my reminders. I do have the pocket size bottles and refills of sanitizers (on my keyring and in antibacterial wipes in the car for myself and the kiddos). Normally I would have avoided all these things because of the proclivity to growing super bugs but things have changed now. Yes, I love leaf mulch. But alas, it is a great source of mold, spores and all the good gardening bugs. These are specific things I've been told to avoid:)


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I had my kidney transplant January 13 2012. I'm taking massive doses of Anti-rejection medications. Yes this is an old post. I was told by doctors, NO gardening for at least 4 months, then I can garden only if I wear gloves and a hat,and use sunscreen. So I must be content with staying away from soil (possible pathogens) for a while. My SIL has already agreed to plant flowers for me.

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Wear lotsa' sun screen, BIG hat & long sleeves 'n pants to cover as much of your body as necessary. If DH & sun were going to be out at the same time, I had to remind him to get there before sun got very high 'n hot.

As his surgeon told both of us, "A new organ is a lifetime committment, including exchanging one set of problems for another but one includes LIFE...the other death." We soon learned how true it was -especially as things came up he really wanted/wished to do. If seeds of resentment surfaced over not being able to, I reminded him how very precious his gift was & how many other patients & their whole families must, as we'd done, be praying day 'n night for the opportunity.

Bless you,

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Considering I spent four and a half years on dialysis, hating every minute, giving up a hobby seems a small price to pay. I enjoy my garden from afar, though I was able to plant a few vegetables this year. I am healthy enough with my transplant to go to Farmers Markets and buy all the flowers and food I enjoy.

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