Q. about stacking W&D

eleenaFebruary 8, 2013

Posted this on the Laundry forum but not sure how many people actually visit it, so I am asking here too. Thank you for understanding.

I want to stack my future (stackable) washer and dryer.

However, my back kills me every time I bend to load the laundry into my current full-size washer that sits on the floor. I am thinking of getting compact W & D and the opening may even be lower in those.

I could use a pedestal to bring it up but how do I go about stacking them then?

The CS rep I talked to said I could do one or the other but not both.

Is there a solution to this problem?


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You will not be able to stack a washer and dryer on a pedastal. 1) dryer controls would be too high, 2)the pedastal will not hold the weight of the two units together. If you can go sxs just put them on pedastals.

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Unfortunately, I am moving them to a different location and stacking takes priority. I was thinking of building a sturdy pedestal as they have already said "no" to using theirs.
Still no?

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Big NO. Voids the warranty. And you won't be able to get stuff in and out of the dryer or reach it's controls.

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This is probably different, but I remember visiting a laundromat undergoing remodeling where they were replacing the old top loaders with new front loaders. They built a shelf (pedestal) to mount all of them at least a foot off the floor.

I will say that if I had my stack a foot off the floor it would make the reaching the dryer controls a bit of a stretch. And I'm 6'.

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