Should Namenda in addition to Aricept help?

mmh1May 14, 2010

My dad has dementia and his doctor(neurologist) added Namenda a few months ago because he thinks it should be taken with Aricept. We have not noticed any difference at all. Should the two medicines together really help slow down his deterioration? I should mention that he is only 72 but a little past the moderate stage according to the neurologist. His primary doctor doesn't think much can help at this point so I'm not sure what to think. He is also a type 2 diabetic and had to stop taking Geodone because of the contraindications. So far he is doing ok but not great without it. Just wondering what others experiences have been with these medications. (Not much luck when I tried to do a search.)

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My husband had Alzheimer and my pharmacist said all the AZ meds were experimental at that time. That was 4 years ago, nothing helped. My husband had several bleeding ulcers on the meds, his blood count was down to 6 before it was discovered.

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vala55 - Thanks for your response, I'm so sorry to hear about your husband.

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My 87 year old Mother in Law has dementia and lives with us. Last year she became very confused, withdrawn and depressed. Her Dr. first prescribed a mild antidepressant for the depression. She was on it about a month and seemed better (the crying and hand wringing and feeling of worthlessness was better). He then gave her Aricept. Within a month, the withdrawl and confusion was better but she became verbally agressive (she is normally the most positive and kind person I have ever met). He then put her on Namenda to take along with the Aricept. Her mood improved GREATLY! The confusion (although still very much there at times) was better, her judgement and understanding skills inproved. It was a Godsend combination of medications for us. Most days 5 minutes ago never happened for her (short term memory is not good at all) but she is happy, pleasant and a joy to be with again. I think it depends on the person--everyone seems to react differently to the medications. We figured it was worth a shot to try the combination, life had become so miserable for her. She truly seems content and happy presently. I wish you luck!

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One of the drugs they gave my husband made him unhappy and he cried all the time. I finally had to call a care meeting and they came up with 4 pages of violations and fired one woman. I had them take him off all drugs but a tranquilizer and you would not believe how his health improved. Not the memory, but things like his swollen legs, even the staff was shocked and started looking at other patients that had the same symptoms. If the disease doesn't kill you the meds will.

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Falldowngobump-Thanks for your good wishes and I'm glad it seems to have helped with your MIL. I had hoped that we'd see some positive changes but then again he might be much worse without it. I see how hard this is for my mom and think it's wonderful that you were able and willing to bring your MIL into your home!!!
Vala55-It sounds like you and your husband went through so much on top of having to deal with all the heartache that is involved with Alzheimer's.

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We did go through a lot, but I was luckier than most care givers. I could run errands in the mornings, but I was always at home by 3 in the afternoon. At night he was a different man, but never violent with me.

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