slurred speech

mimi427May 13, 2005

I've noticed lately that when Mom tries to say more than two or three words, her words are a little slurred. I have NOT noticed any change in her facial expressions. I'm wondering if any of you have any experience with slurred speech and AD? Mom does have a Dr appt on May 23 and I do plan to bring it up then. I've also noticed that her arms shake; not all of the time, but it's been happening more often lately. This may all be a part of the disease and I thought I'd ask those of you that have had experience with AD before bringing it up at the Dr appt

One more's hearing has always been excellent. For a while now, she has been very sensitive to noises of any her, a perfect day is one where the house is very quiet, except for the sound of her television. Lately she seems to be even more sensitive to sounds...the dogs barking, if I happen to drop something, preparing dinner (taking out pots and pans)...she becomes agitated and immediately questions "what was that?"... I'm wondering if it is just that she's not all here and the sound startles her or if it is something else??

Thanks, Mimi

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It's probably the natural progress of AD, but make sure she's not a little dehydrated - a very dry mouth could cause her to slur her speech.

The noise senstivity is probably a result of the AD, she's not really part of what's going on around her any more, so a loud noise is probably more disturbing because it's not "where she is", so it startles her.

Good luck.

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Mimi, yes by all means, keep her hydrated as momj47 suggested. My Mother's Alz progressed very rapidly, because she also had mini strokes, or TIAs (transient ischemic attacks) that affected her in various ways. She's tremble slightly at first, but as they progressed, she'd tremble as if she had Parkinson's, passing out for several seconds in the later stages of TIAs, yet there was no facial drooping at all. The one thing she did do was list ever so slightly at first, to the right, which has also progressed. You may want to watch for those things. Keep a journal of any "trembles" she has, and their duration, and if she's quite exhausted after them. Mom used to fall into a very deep sleep after them. Her speach did eventually become slurred and now, only a few months later, I can't understand what she says at all.

Sorry if that's happening to your Mom, but I just wanted you to be aware of some of the signs of distress she may go through: I wish I had known more when all this was happening to Mom.


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Dear Mom and Linda,
Thanks for the information. I believe mom is hydrated; she always has a glass of water by her, and although she doesn't drink huge quantities, she does stay hydrated. As far as the TIA's, I will start to keep a journal -- very good thinking. Linda, may I ask said you wish you had more information there something you could have done differently?
You know, her symptoms are ever so slight, I wonder if I'm just "looking for something"...did you ever feel that way? As I said, the slurred speach only happens if she tries to say more than 2 or 3 words. The only trembling I've noticed has been in her arms. I mentioned this to my sisters and one said she thought the trembling was due to mom's weakness, since she no longer exercises. But, these are all guesses and as I said, I will mention it to her doctor next Monday when we go and in the meantime, I will keep a journal of what I am noting.
It's so darn hard, isn't it? I feel like I'm on such a roller coaster ride...there are days and nights when I am really happy and feeling good about myself and mom and then there are days and nights (like tonite) when I am so down and I'm not sure what really prompts it. Maybe it's just being tired, end of the week, I don't know...have a nice weekend, Mimi (and thanks again to you both)

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Hi, Mimi!

Well, I do hope you don't mind roller-coasters, because you've possibly got one long ride in front of you....try to stay positive and get the rest you need: that's very important!

What would I have done differently? I would have kept a journal. Like you, I thought I was imagining things, looking for 'things'...and I didn't know enough to link things together in a journal. Yes, the trembling was mainly in her hands and arms, and became more pronounced as the weeks/months went by. Take note of what times of the day these occur, the length of time they occur (you'll be asked for this informaton by a neurologist later), and how she was immediately after. As I mentioned, these seem to have really taken the wind out of Mom's sails, and she'd almost collapse into a coma! Then wake up a few hours later like nothing happened. I might mention here that happened in later occurances. Her eyes would also roll back during some of these, she'd become either rigid, or she's collapse and I'd have to catch her before she hit the floor. The worst was when she was like an epileptic: very rigid, her entire body shaking, her eyes rolled back....Thank heavens a neighbour was just coming in for a coffee and called 911 when she heard me yelling. She was admitted for several days for observation, but naturally, she was her old self again...happy, happy! lol!!

What else? I would have stopped wondering if, if not, I wonder if she was getting dementia/alzeimer's and just accept the fact that, with everything that was happening to her, she really was deteriorating. It went so quickly, though: in three months she went from normal to incapacitated! I'd also seriously consider whether or not I could care for her if she was totally incapacitated, and that means having to fully lift her into bed, her wheelchair, care for all her personal cleanliness, etc, or if I had my rose-coloured glasses on thinking I could do it all. When it got to the point where Mom is at now, I removed those glasses and had to admit I wasn't Super-Daughter. And believe me, that was difficult. So I would at least look into applying for a nursing home for her earlier. Thank goodness we went from applying to moving her into one in 3 days, but THAT'S highly unusual! We were told it could take up to 6 months! To be honest, by the time we applied, I couldn't have managed another 6 months. And if they call you and you're not prepared to take that step, just refuse and ask to be placed at the end of that list again. No pressures.

Make her an appt with a neurologist. You probably have to get a referral from your doctor, but it's important to have her seen, so that the neurologist could determine her "base-line" where she's at now, so that she can compare any changes that will occur in the future. The slurred speech is certainly a good reason to have her seen by one.

Keep that journal, Mimi...of everything that concerns you and date and record it. It'll be important for you to be able to tie things together, and it'll be valuable for her neurologist. Get all the help you can from a home-care agency; we had our wonderful Lise coming over 15-20 hours a week so that my DH and I could go out like a normal couple from time to time, or just stay with her while we caught up on things around the house.

Mimi....if at any time you need more information, either catch me here, or email me at any time.....I've been where so many of you are now, and have received so much help here from others, it's my pleasure to help someone else now.

Bless you

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