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IchthyomanFebruary 20, 2014

Hi all

I've been cruising this site for a few days now and decided that it was a great forum and a wonderful place to get information--so I joined! Maybe someday I can even be of some assistance. Anyway, my wife and I are planning our downsized retirement home and I've been browsing appliances. The house will be about 1500 sf with a kitchen of about 195 sf. The kitchen is L-shaped with an island. I'm a good cook and want to become a better one in retirement. Plus, I plan on doing more than I do now--more baking, canning, etc. This will be a very energy efficient house, relatively simple, with a budget of $350-400K. I think I've got about $10K to spend on appliances. Here's my partial list so far and I'd value any opinions/advice you all may have. Here goes:

1. Cooktop: I'll be using gas and have been contemplating either a 36" Bluestar or DCS 6-burner. The Bluestar (RGTNB366BV1) is an outlet model--it had concealed freight damage and the control panel and left front burner valve were replaced. There is also a minor dent on the right side of the island trim. Basco told me the unit is fine--and they'll let me have it for $2650. The DCS is the CPU366--for $2709.

2. Wall oven: I've decided to go with a 30" Bosch, probably the 300 series. I don't think I need an oven with a lot of extras--but I will be comparing the 300 and the 500 series.

3. Dishwasher: I'm going to go with either a Bosch (300 or 500 series) or a Miele. The Basco outlet has some Mieles for around $1K. I know I could save a few hundred by going with the Bosch. Again, don't need lots of bells and whistles, just a good quality DW.

4. Fridge: no decision here yet--I haven't had much time to explore yet. I know I would want freezer on bottom, either french doors or a single left-swing, no external water or ice, but I would want an ice maker. Again, quality and function is most important.

5. Vent hood: no decision here yet either--again, I haven't had time to research this. I just want a good, basic wall-mount vent.

6. Finally, I haven't decided on a microwave (do we really need one?) or perhaps a countertop Breville? They seem to be well liked here. Maybe even a wine fridge? That seems a bit extravagant, but if the budget allows it? Oh, and the washer and dryer--almost forgot about those. No research as of yet.

So, there you have it for now. Many of you seem well versed in this kind of stuff, so I look forward to a fruitful discussion. Let me know what you think--and thanks in advance!


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Sounds good to me.

I think the Bluestar would perform better than the DCS.

Dishwasher⦠Bosch is fine, it's hard to make a suggestion without knowing what models you're comparing. I'd look at the features of each and see whether or not you'll miss out on anything you want by going with the lower end.

Fridges, I like GE's new line.

Hoods are pretty hard to screw up, just go with the one you like the looks/price of. But be sure to get the right CFM and don't forget about makeup air - with a rangetop like the ones you're considering you'll want sufficient capacity, but I see people go way overboard with ventilation and then makeup air becomes more of a pain than it needs to be.

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Thanks, hvtech. Good advice. I checked out the GE fridges today, could be a contender. I'm looking for cabinet depth and was also checking out the Electrolux models. They seem better than I thought, may be worth checking out. Thanks.

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We love our DCS cooktop, but I don't think you would go wrong with either. Our Bosch ovens have also been great.

We got a basic Miele dishwasher a few months ago after having to toss our 2-year-old Kitchen Aid. We are really happy with it, and have not missed any of the extra features of the pricier models. But of course the importance of features is a personal thing.

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The only one of your suggestions I have experience is the Bosch dishwasher. Before mine stopped cleaning things well, a repairman who came to fix a different appliance (well trusted long term association with him) told us that it is quite difficult to get to the guts of Bosch dishwashers and therefore repair is expensive. When it had problems at 10 years old, we ended up deciding to dispose of it rather than fix it, not our usual pattern.

I know they have a good reputation, and I bought it on recommendation of someone, but I wouldn't buy another Bosch.

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Thanks sas95. Always nice to hear positive feedback. Silly features, excessive bells and whistles, we're not interested in. Quality and function for a reasonable price is the way we want to go.

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Certainly, if repairability is a priority for you (as it is for me), you'll want to stick to the mainstream American brands. Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire, etc. They are easy to find parts and technical info for, and as a result pretty much anyone can repair them. No need for an "authorized servicer". Higher end or foreign appliances tend to have expensive/hard to find parts and info. For people who buy those brands, features/performance is more important than repairability. Though you may be able to get the features/performance you want out of the "easy to repair" brands as did I.

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Miele 4225 Classic is an excellent basic dishwasher; got mine for $899. Craftsmanship superb, wash quality superb, customer service superb (at least for me), great capacity for thin plate dish ware (Corelle). But...could have local code install issues as most countertop siphon breaks have a 5/8 inlet and 7/8 outlet; Miele dishwasher drain line is 7/8 outlet so I use the "high loop" method to prevent back flow and bypass the countertop siphon break. Also, it is not hard-wired, requires a plug outlet, ideally on its own circuit. I installed my own, except hiring in an electrician for 30 minutes to help wire in the extra outlet. It is easily the best kitchen appliance I own.

As for parts availability, I could not get my GE dishwasher pump housing or shaft seal after 14 years. I wouldn't count on any service parts after 10-12 years from any manufacturers; they must figure most folks toss units rather than fix after 10 years. The days of parts for 15 to 20 years is over. Majors are now like TVs, VCRs, DVDs, microwaves, and home electronics, toss when they break because repairs are cost prohibitive if not a DIY job.

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Oh I agree. The disposability of everything is shameful. I'm not saying Whirlpool, GE, and Frigidaire are _good_ in terms of parts availability, parts pricing, and access to tech info, but they are the lesser of the evils. Miele makes a great dishwasher. If anything made today is going to last 20 years without repair, it'll be them. I love my new design GE though.

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Thanks all, good advice and tips. I think we're going to look at the cooktops on Monday. If I find a screaming deal on a Miele DW, I may jump on that. One issue is that I don't want to take delivery of any items or the warranty will start. We're slated for a June 2015 move in, but my GC encouraged me to start shopping. I think I can get some good appliances and stay under my 10K budget, I enjoy the challenge. But it's work to find deals!

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