Would you believe $35,000-45,000?

palimpsestOctober 28, 2012

Frederick Hurten Reade tiles at auction.


The price achieved yesterday for this set of tiles was $637,000.

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It is a beautiful tile. A tad out of my price range though, Pal. ;)

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Rhead? who designed the first Fiesta ware?


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Wow! Seeing that, not knowing its value? Eh.. Not my thing, lol. (Just as well, that's over $500,000 more than my house could sell for.).

Who else clicked the thread link, just hoping it'd be a picture of something you have?

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I wonder what the value of similar tiles is historically. How are prices compared to pre-2007, pal?

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I was not at the auction, but in general these kinds of things seem to go to internet/phone bidders or someone who is clearly representing someone else.

So I think a lot of the stratospheric bids come from overseas buyers.

I do know someone who is friends with the man who bought the $8M Garvan Carver attributed pie crust table a few years back and he is an American. However, since he didn't want anyone to know he would pay $8M for a table he did it anonymously.

I think Rago tends to be pretty accurate with their estimates, so this probably interested a few bidders for whom money is essentially no object.

I don't tend to follow the decorative objects market much, however, I was told that it remained stronger than the furniture market, because the decorative arts are more "portable" and more liquid in terms of ease of resale than furniture.

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