Large Cabinet/Cupboard Pls help Identify

avaeiaOctober 31, 2012

I was told this is from a turn of the Century home. It's alot bigger than it looks--horrible picture, I know. It's about 7 plus feet high. Can anyone help identify the style or era, please? I will try to get better pics soon. Thank you so much.

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Looks like a built-in from a kitchen or butler's pantry.
Can't tell any more without a good picture of things like the insides of drawers, the back etc.

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Lindac-- you are spot on--- He did tell me it was a built in. I will have pictures tomorrow. Do built-in cupboards have much less value than stand alones? I guess hard to say--- case by case---
More pics coming. Thank you Lindac for your help! :)

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More pics. Any info would be very welcome. What approx value do you think this piece would have? It's in rough shape now, but pine underneath and I was thinking of stripping it....
drawers seem to be simply built-- not dovetail.

Thank you so much.

Here is a link that might be useful: cupboard pics on picasa

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It could look nice cleaned up. These were never intended to be bare wood - they were usually finished in white enamel, the "sanitary" choice, then installed in kitchens.

Value?? Depends on the market in your area for old cabinetry.

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Thank you lazygardens! :)
Just wanted to add... I just noticed the tongue and groove backing and old look nail used. (please see updated photos).
Can anyone guess the age?

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Fitted kitchens - ones with built-in cabinets - started in the 1880s for the wealthy and trickled down to the masses during the following decades.

This could be anywhere between 1890 and about 1940.

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I'm going to guess maybe the later half of the 1890-1940 range, just based on the scrollwork under the cupboard part. It's a wonderful piece!

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