Oops - I goofed

Pearl53May 9, 2005

Saturday I was at the nursing home for a tea they were giving the mothers. Among other things they were honoring the mother with the most children -- she had ten. None of them were present. I said to myself, "Well, it looks like some of them could have showed up."

Sunday, Mothers' Day, I went back at lunch time. There was entertainment. Two excellent musicians were there to entertain the rest of us in the dining room. One of them said, "That's my Mom, over there." (The lady with the ten children.) I stayed an hour and a half and they were still there entertaining when I left. So much for my judgemental attitude. Do you think I may be in for another personal growth period? It looks like I need it.

By the way, Mother just loved the entertainment. She would clap her hands!


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That's an honest goof, Pearl. I sorta thought that a party the day before MD might not bring in all the families, since it's hard to corral families on one day of a spring weekend, much less two days, Staurday and Sunday.

It sounds like a great party.

SOmetimes we see things thru clouds, doncha think? And then the sun comes out!

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Too cute! Like I mentioned in your last subject...we're only responsible for ourselves...we know we're going to be able to hold our heads up high one day...for the rest of 'em.....phhhttt! We all make our own beds...;-D

Blessings, Pearl

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