OK - who sent us the snow!!!

heydeborahMay 13, 2005

right now it is may 13th and we have 2 1/2 inches of snow on the ground! and it's still snowing out! can you believe it! i have been reading the posts and it saddens me alot. Al has a bad couple of weeks, he is in alot of pain (the grape seed extract didn't work), he looks so old and doesn't have any kind of appetite, so it's milkshake time here for him. ds friend was fooling around with the computer, and because of him not knowing what he is doing i am now using netscape 3! and cannot check any e-mails, ds is so busy--he signed up for baseball again, and is also golfing! dd is already studying for exams that are in the middle of june! what a girl! since our new used car is still not working! another major problem we are walking or riding our bikes everywhere, i do enjoy it (but don't tell anyone). i am hoping that you all had a lovely mother's day, i was spoiled with 2 different plants and a beautiful bunch of lilies, and 2 bags of jubjubs (candy, that i eat when i'm reading!)and chinese take out! and some young man (ds) cleaned up the whole kitchen and bathroom wihtout being asked! for all you who visited their mom's remember all the good times -- like when you were 6 and you made your mom a gift at school and she was so touched (I still have everything my kids gave me for mother's day and they are priceless). to all the new folks about there, i like to ramble as you can see, and i am having trouble with this computer, so here goes, to our new lady who is caring for her mom, get out there and make a doctors appointment for yourself and see if you can get on an anti-depressent, i have been on one for about 6 months now and there is nothing wrong to take something that will take the edge off of something, also because i am a canadian poster(like Glitter) you should probably pick up the phone and ask for some help for your mom, you don't want to be a sick care giver, also take each day and break it into a day at a time or like for me i divide it into 4's (morning,afternoon,evening and bedtime) it seems to work better that way for us, but everyone is different. i had a scare a couple of weeks ago, so now i am selfish! and don't feel guilty one bit, if i'm not healthy everyone at my house suffers even more! linda, i talked to sandra for a couple of minutes last night, but i wasn't feeling to swell, ran out of paxil!! and was getting it refilled! but she said to say hi to you! well this is turning into a novel, so if anyone wants some snow, let me know, there is now about 3 1/2 inches of the stuff and driving is bad! and to all our new friends WELCOME! and to everyone else, i've missed butting in! debbie

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WELL THERE YOU ARE!!!! Sheesh!!! I emailed you and STILL hadn't heard anything....well, thank goodness you're alright. This is the second time we've had to look for you, Girl! ;-D

As for the snow....Sweetie: keep it!! If you and Sandra conspire to send it our way I'll just burst into tears and hide between the mattresses until it's all gone! Just rain here today: naturally I picked today to get a perm! hah!

Sorry to hear about Al, Debbie....and your car....but aren't you blessed with the nicest kids??!!! How special they are! When your DD comes our way to school, she'll be less than an hour away from us! We have guest-rooms waiting for you!!! I'm glad you had such a lovely Mother's Day! Our DD drove my girlfriend and I to Toronto for a bonding/shopping day, and we were also joined by my girlfriend's two daughters who live there! What fun! Of course, one thing I did discover is that I'm too old to power-shop for 8 hours!!...so sad....We had a great time!

I'm glad you're still taking care of YOU (and you're not being selfish! phhhhttt!!!); sometimes we need a good swift kick to wake us up, eh? They're scary, but well worth listening to!

Okay....I, too, write too much...lol...Suffice it to say I'm glad we found you again, keep taking care...you and your family and all of us on this board are in my prayers each night...and boy do we need it!

Hugs and Blessings

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Hey Deb...Keep the snow...I am sending you warm and sunny thoughts and prayers that you will have great weather soon. So good to hear you say that you are taking care of...you....wow....what great kids you have...I think that they have had a wonderful example to follow....just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading "your novels"....keep us informed and you have always given so much wisdom and insight...God Bless You!!! Nora

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Debbie, I hope Al starts to feel better. It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day, and you have kids that care a lot about you. I enjoy reading your posts, you have a wonderful attitude. Our weather here in Southwest AZ should be in the 90's today...sometimes I would like a little of that snow (but not too much!)

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NOOOOOOOO.......That is the PITTS!!!!!!!! Can I tell you, we are having 80 degree weather, everything is green and ,hostas are fully bloomed, birds singing ......Mother Nature must be mad at ya'll....Hang in there,summer will come soon....HUGS Gabby

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Good rainy morning it's still so cold her and the weekend ended up to be rainy and windy (i'm having trouble with this netscape 6, but dd tries doesn't she atleasst itn't not netscape 3 anymore). maybe it's the weather but al has used alot of nitro spray the past few days and he is sleeping alot more during the day but isn't eating much, yesterday i walked in the sleet to get him cream of chicken soup. today we are going to ride our bikes to the library to print off an english essay (our printer ran out of ink) and i hope the weather holds up for us the sky is so black. but the grass is green with white snow, no leaves on the trees, no robins - can you believe that, it's downright depressing having to wear your winter parka and gloves. Al wanted to call his mother last night, all it was rom this woman was i think about you all the time, should i come over for matthew's birthday (matthew will be 22 on the 23rd), if i don't come over then it will be the next week. (i couldn't believe that remark, but then again because of everyones advice about this woman, i thought who cares if you come or don't come, you're the one missing out not me -- do you like the new attitude), plus everything was ok, sorry you're not feeling well but let's talk about me, oh well what can you do. dd informs me that there are 30 actual school days left this year, she is also so tired, i think she should sleep in for aweek when school ends, she is having a pity party for herself since -- are you ready for this one -- her average this term is only 90.4. (When reports came out last week, the kids in her home room, could not notbelieve her high average -- i have to tell dyu dd is a blon -- being yFinnish, and sometimesy acts ditzy (all acting)but she was disappoointed - kids. well it's tme to take the dog out -- who loves the snow and cold weather , so enjoy the weather everyone especially if you have sun debbie

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Hey Deb....I found a article that was about "migranes". it said to at the onset of a migrane to take a toothpick and dip in in cayenne pepper and sniff into each nostril. Adding cayenne to food also may ward off migranes. I know it may be painful at first, but if it rids of it, then it can't be any worse than the pain of a migrane. Just thought I would send this tip your way. Hope the snow is gone and the green grass is peaking through.This weather has been unusal this year, especially in May, and today is a little chilly. I spoke to soon saying 80 degree warmth.

We are working today in a flower bed trying to rearrange stones for a walk way. Always something to do. Hope Al is feeling better soon, sleep is good for him....heals the body...Blessings.....HUGS Gabby

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heydeborah...I love your user name. I'm the depressed newbie caring for her mother. I'm sorry that your husband is having so much pain. Your kids sound like they are truly precious.

I feel your pain. I have a lot of headaches and the occasional migraine. I read about your emergency room experience. Bless your heart! You're absolutely right. We have to find ways to take care of ourselves. I've got to get qualified for Medicaid and get some medical care for myself. I really need help with my depression. I'm glad the antidepressant is helping you.

Your idea of dividing the day into four parts (morning, afternoon, evening and bedtime) is a great one. It makes the day more manageable. We need to do whatever we can to get through the day.

I live in California and can't imagine having snow the middle of May. I'm a weather wimp! We had a tornado watch here last week that really freaked people out--very strange for California. I hope you get some warmer weather very soon.

I wish you the best caring for your husband. And no more migraines...(smiles)...


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Aunnie thanks for the kind words. i will admit i hate snow at the best of times and we don't need it in may. however, it went up to a balmy 46 today! - lol. yes, i will also admit we have great kids, no problems with the law, no drugs or drinking, infact ds dropped his long time girlfriend of 2 years because she started running with the wrong crowd. right now he is going out with a delightful young lady also of 2 years and is catholic as well and comes from a great family, so we are blessed. i hope you didn't think i was rude about you caring for your mom, but we are kindof the same age, -- i 49 and am home ALL the time, 24/7 with Al, and i have no help except for the kids (oh, everyone, his mother and sister came by for 15 minutes yesterday, to whine about something stupid, but they didn't get the answer they wanted so they left!) i keep busy by quilting and knitting, and mostly donate things i make for worthwhile charities, if i don't have crafts i don't know what i'd do, they are a God send to me. i wanted to tell you that i was worrying so much that i lost alot of weight, - i am 5 ft 10 and weighed 119 lbs, no good, with the paxil (or if you go and see your doctor he will put you on what he thinks is best for you), these pills have made me eat and very healthy i must admit (we never did eat fast food stuff) but now i weigh about 130 so alot better, i would also be up all night, believe me when i say there is nothing on tv at that time - lol , but i now can sleep almost all night. aren't prescriptions draining, we have a plan where you have to put out 100 percent and wait and wait for get 85 per cent back, and with bills of about 600.00 a month - oh don't get me going - lol, but atleast Al still has benefits from the college where he works (he has academic upgrading, math, english and a computer lab to help adults get their high school, so they can get into a college programme, it is very sad to see a man of 58 come in with a grade 7 or 8 education, but worthwhile when they finish the 3 year programme). anyways, aren't everyone just great here, as i said before, we will probably never meet, - except linda (glitter) and i, and i hope we still are linda! - lol, but see you are writing back, so that's really, really good because you can divert your mind on something else and you get to just chat with super nice folks! anyways i've rambled on and on to much, and my furry friend wants me to take him outie (too afraid to go out alone, he needs his momma!) so try and have a restful sleep!

Gabby, i'm going to try that cyanne pepper, next time i have a being of amigrane, i did try the feverfew and it didn't work, al said it only gave me really bad breath! he tried grape seed extract, for pantom pains, i read a couple of articles, but they didn't work for him, but then again, everyone is different, but right now, i'm game for anything! thanks for the tip! debbie

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Hey, Debbbbieeee!! Of course we're going to meet! Hopefully in August, when Ernie and I have finished our little tour of Michigan. It almost feels like home there....love Wisconsin, too...GO PACKERS!!!! When we toured Lambeau Field, I cried. I was so excited. One day I hope to see them play (football, fyi, Sweetie!;-), but it certainly won't be in Green Bay!

What's happening to that sweater you were knitting for YOUrself?! Still working on it? Is your daughter still coming our way to go to school in the fall? Like I said: our guest-rooms await you! ;-D

Talk to ya soon!!
Hugs and Blessings

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what a weird couple of days! guess what i'm doing right now, i'm typing this on our new computer, it is so weird, too fancy for me, it has sound and so many programmes, but the first thing i had dd show me was how to get on to this site! anyways i guess i should be happy not having to use our old 10 year old computer that our friends gave to us, so inturn tomorrow i'm going to give it to our neighbours 2 boys. we also have a large amount of money to haven house a home run by the salvation army to help teens, also had the towing company take the car to the garage, so we're still walking and biking and it's not to fun in the cold, i don't ever remember it being so cold in may high of 42 today (i do have a photo of ds after a snow storm on may 1 when he was about 8 or 9) dd and i took about 3 different cabs today to get from the mall, computer store and home, if it wasn't so far we both said we rather have walked. al was very stressed out about the car, and computer, but i guess you could call it a good stress, because it was something nice happening to us, if you can understand that. linda you won't believe that we also toured lambeau field and the packers hall of fame too, you see al is a big football fan to (his fav are the vikings), he played football in high school and also coached football for years and yearseven when we didn't have kids, ok the sweater....i started it this one is with lopi yarn this time, -- got a whole kit not even opened, my splurge, are you ready for the price....8.99!!, it's blues and cream and instead of a pullover i'm putting a zipper in. carley has one more year of high school, but she is still going to go to nipissing, and with the new budget, she'll be able to get a grant instead of a loan, plus she was figuring out scholarships and with her marks and volunteering, she won't have to pay anything! big load off our mind! my other baby, matthew will be 22 on monday, where did the time go, thought he was going to have a crying fit when he came home from work and saw this computer! he even said i think we should all thank auntie sylvia for the computer (this was from the money al was leeft in his aunts will). well i'm stressed out tired, so i think i better get ready for bed. Aunnie how is your day going, any better? debbie

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Hi Deb....Did the snow melt, yet? Don't dispair....it will warm up. Still cool here in VA for mid May. DW

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Wow, SNOW! Here in Massachusetts it is cold and damp and rainy and has been for quite some time. We get brief bursts of sunshine, but it never seems to last. We haven't really had much of a spring at all. Somehow after the winter we had, I am not surprised! The meteorologists always blame the cold weather on Canada. ;-) Sorry, Linda and Debbie!! LOL.

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Hi everyone, actually it's kindof warm out right now (just brought my furry baby in!) and it's 9 out - so about 48 out so things are finally warming up -- i hope for our may long weekend, seems everyone is going camping, but not us. dd and i are making dolls - yes muslin dolls and dressing them for an english class - romeo and juliet, plus we are going to find out what this computer is really all about. i had to spend another ton of money today on the care 800.00 to be exact, and they didn't even do everything that i had written down, and i had to take the bus (too cheap after yesterdays cab rides), now i don't scare easily but that bus ride was scary, i swear every looney was on it (but not me of course - lol), then i had to get al afew more prescriptions, but i didn't get a migrane, i thought well we have a car again, i won't have to take the bus, went to the Salvation Army, got every 2005 woman's world mag, and bridget jones's other book all for 5.00 - can't beat that, and have sat on the sofa all evening looking through them while ds and his girlfriend were on the computer and dd and her friends went to watch dd's best friends dance recital, which was nice for her to get away (i hope she doesn't want to take ballet again, because it was more expensive than hockey about 500.00 plus costumes for 8 months of once a week lessons)but the good news was no migrane! well i'm off again to get things ready for tomorrow morning!

linda and i can send you some of that snow if you want, but hopefully it won't come back, infact we are expecting rain which is fine we can probably use it, but i'm still wondering where are the robins? i went out and bought some bird seed today, hoping something will come, but i hope its not the crows or ravens.


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The hot pepper for migraines may be just the thing for you. It would be worth a try. You can get capsium (sp?) capsules at a pharmacy. There was a woman on one of the other forums that said she found out by accident that a Mexican meal with lots of hot peppers would stop a migraine from developing. She said it got so that when she felt one coming on, she would go to a nearby mexican restaurant and she didn't have to order. They just brought her the hottest thing they had on the menu.

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Great idea, i can go to an Italian grocery store near by, and get some probably today, the weather here is so weird, it's grey, overcast and i can tell it's going to rain out. as for mexican food here, i think the most authentic we have here is the kind that comes in a box and you make it yourself - lol. i swear i think the people in this city think that the golden arches is fine dining - lol, we are not found of fast foods in our house, even though we live about 2 blocks from the fast food strip, i just hate those days when the wind blows the wrong way and i have to smell it. one thing i do notice is that i cannot use stuff like sugar twin, another interesting thing is strong coffee can take way a tension headache, which i wish i had instead of these stupid migranes. but so far these maxalit work wonders, i just hate the thought of 107.06 for 6 wafers (you put it on your tongue to disolve) and within 15-20 minutes it's gone!!but on the good side we get 85% back so it works out to be about 4.00 per pill, it's just waiting for the refund to come back, plus if i could take something natural i think i'd feel better. well if you have sunny warm weather, get out there and enjoy it and think of me still in my parka! debbie

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Well, Debbie, it's not snowing in Chicago, but it is very rainy today and gloomy...I just hate gloomy days...today it is warmer...in the hi 60's, but we've had some very cool weather for May...the weather has sure been very wierd. I wish I had some advice for you for your migraines. Fortunately, I've never gotten them, but I do get to deal with chronic muscle pain in my hips, lower back and legs...I guess we all "have something"...I give you credit for wanting to try something natural...as far as I'm concerned, after 16 years of this unrelenting pain, I just go for the narcotics...I KNOW they will work and then I can get on with my life...keeping my fingers crossed for you for better, warmer weather...be well, Mimi

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