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mimi427May 4, 2005

My mom, who has Alzheimer's sleeps about 14 hrs a night. She goes to bed at 9p and gets up around 11a, takes about an hour in the bathroom to get ready and then has breakfast and takes her "morning" meds around 12:15. She then takes her evening meds between 7 - 8p. My mom's caretaker during the day has been trying to convince me to get my mom up earlier because she is concerned that mom is taking her meds too late in the day. (her meds include two memory pills, blood pressure, thyroid and some vitamins) I understand her concern, but, when I've tried to get my mom up earlier, it only ends up in an argument with her becoming very upset and I don't see the point in that. Does anyone have any information on the importance of morning meds being taken in early morning? At mom's last Dr visit, I mentioned this and he didn't seem to be concerned...I just thought I'd throw this out to you and see if anyone has any thoughts on this subject...thanks, Mimi

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Hi Mimi, i guess i'm really lucky with the staff at the pharmacy that i go to. i was told that al should take his blood pressure pills early in the morning because between 10 am and 2 pm that is when your blood pressure is the highest. his insulin which is called rapid-nova (during the day) and you have to eat within 15 minutes of giving it. the night insulin is slow acting and i give him that at 11 pm. the cholesterol,CHF pill, and 2 other heart pills are right after breakfast, his kidney pills at noon, and stomach pills are 20 minutes before you eat. for me the paxil is the first thing i do and take even before my trip to the bathroom! we did have to juggle some of his meds around, with help from the pharmacy because they were making him sick. debbie

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I wouldn't worry about it. The main thing is to be consistant. If you start getting her up earlier to take them, then it would have to be about the same time everyday. At her age and in her condition, keeping her stress free is as important as anything for keeping her BP under control. A good idea would be to give her medicines as soon as she gets up if you can. And the evening stuff just before bedtime. That would make it about 10 hours apart. don't fret about it.

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