SubZ - Top or Bottom Compressor

MichelleDTFebruary 3, 2012

I am looking at two SubZ's. What are the pros/cons of top vs. bottom compressor? From what I could tell at the showroom, the only difference was space in the lower drawers. Anything else? Is one better than the other?


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Some people hate seeing the grill cover. They want the integrated look. I'd think that the higher grill would get less pet hair and other household dust and be easier to keep clean.

There are some more technical differences too, which don't matter. They both work.

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I have an upper compressor and I would say it is probably a bit easier to clean than if it was on the bottom.

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MichelleDT--seriously? You and I are making the same exact decisions every day.

scary, huh?

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I know we are and we post at about the same time....I have you on "speed follow". ;-)


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I just bought a BI-30U for a renovation. The 7XX has been around since the mid 90s and the BI-xx is only a few years old. But my guess is they are both up to date in their mechanicals.

I'm impressed by how a 7XX can disappear into a kitchen. You can't tell it's a fridge. The BI-XX is unmistakeably a fridge but it can be paneled. It can be recessed into the kitchen a little if you follow the "flush inset" instructions but that means that the wall and base cabinets have to be about an inch deeper than the normal 24" counter depth.

In my kitchen the door has to stop at about 90 degrees. My wife noticed that the 7XX has some interference between the door shelves and the pull out boxes that could be annoying. If your door can open wider it won't happen.

The BI-XX has a charcoal air cleaner. The 7XX can be ordered without an ice maker if you dislike them as I do. The BI-XX makes you buy it but it can be shut off and it doesn't use up freezer space.

For me the refinement in the way the 7XX looks when it's integrated is remarkable. If you haven't already, try to find one to look at.

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Thanks Catman - I did see them both and I agree with your comments. One I knew was a fridge, the other I thought was a pantry with drawers under it. Since the kitchen is contemporary, I think we are going with the disappearing fridge.


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