abreezeMay 20, 2005

Hi Nora... I haven't had time to post much but do try to read the threads. Since I know the monumental task involved with caregiving, my heart goes out to each one on this forum. How are you doing and how are your precious mother and dad??? I've been praying for each of you and have been concerned. You've been on this journey for a long time, dear one, and God has sustained you. He is true to His Word and will be Faithful to the end... It's a comfort to know that our times are in His hands (Psalm 31:15)and that we can trust Him...

I've finally been able to get outside and dig up a little garden. Tomatoes and peppers are planted plus some flowers. I've decided to buy a few parsley plants this year rather than use seeds. It's a little late for seeds! :) Since I can't buy beet plants, it looks like I'll have to forget about planting them this year. Just don't have the strength or ambition I used to have! :) Every time I turn around the yard or hedges need cut!

May God continue to bless, encourage and strengthen you and your loved ones and minister healing and peace to your dear parents. Much love! breezy

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Ohhh yes Nora....WHere are you, we miss you. Now you can't "forget" us you hear....I know with you being away from are just so enjoying every minute. I hope your Mother and Dad are fine and nothing serious is keeping you away from this old puter and these wonderful puter friends who are wondering...where you are. Enjoy the summer and all those good tomato plants. Haven't planted a one yet. And to think I crave the darn things in the summer,that and a good sweet corn on the cob.

We are still out of town and home on the weekends. Dh may get to go to Louisville where he can drive that each day. I have birds, feeding from the feeders and just love to watch them. When I sit on the carport, think of you my friend. I have two adriondack chairs now DH made and they are painted white, just love them. Breezy, my dear, how are you ? Sounds like you are busy in yard work. Think of you often....think of all of you often. I think of the ones also who are still caring for their loved ones. We know so well as we have been there. Our thoughts go out to them....well take care and when I return again home...will drop a few lines off and on.From one home ot the other. We had a storm one evening when in the R.V. THe winds were banging and slapping the darn thing. I was praying to say the least. A limb came down and knocked a power line down and that was it, we left the R.V. for a while. We had no electric alnight. Well see ya'll later.....Lots of Hugs....Gabby

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Hi Gabby! Sounds like you didn't get much sleep the night of that storm! Thankful all went well... Your chairs sound lovely. We had a nice rain last night and this morning that was good for newly planted flowers and vegetables. I love corn on the cob, too, Gab! It would be nice to have some together! ~breezy

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Breezy,,,yes I would love to meet you and have that piece of corn on the cob together.LOL I love most anything out of a garden but unfortunelty with the way DH works we haven't planted one, they are alot of work. Our neighbor keeps me supplied with all their good veggies out of theirs. We do good just ot keep our yard work up. Made a flower garden out and around our swing which sits down by the woods. I think it will be lovely when all the plant starts get big. I put in hostas,and all perinals that will come back yearly.

We had red birds, (cardinals) in the yard this evening feeding.They were so pretty. I can't keep bird food ,don't know if the coons get it or the squirells....but it stays empty. Ican't keep the bluebird pudding filled up fast enough. They love it.

What is your pastime? Do you enjoy being out in the yard? I could live out there in the summer. Lara would always ask, "where you been", when I would come in late. I enjoyed being outdoors, butmaybe I should have spent mnay more hours with her ,instead. I sure didn't think this time last year, she would be gone in Febuary...we have missed her. I miss the person not the responability of it. Well Breezy....hope you are enjoying the summer and having nice hearing from you....HUGS Love Gabby

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Hello Dear Friends, Yes I haven't been on much....just busy with one thing are another....thought things would maybe slow down when I "retired"...but as I am sure all know that just don't really happen.LOL I have moments when I did I do everything and work!! Last week I did fill in Mon and Wed. at the florist...but Fri. I went in and about 8 got a call from Susan and she said Mom had a fever...I had gone in to give Mom a kiss before I left and thought she felt warm..but often she does feel warm...well to make a long story short I called the doctor and they said for us to take her in to the E.R...we had been having trouble with Mom coughing while we fed her...and finding that even with us giving liquid with thicket her diapers were not wet...we were at the E.
R. until 6.30...they ran all kinds of tests...they gave Mom a was so very kind...told us that we had caught it at the beginning but that Mom had started getting sick..said that this was just the beginning and he had talked with Mom's doctor at length...he ordered Hospice. We brought Mom home and Hospice came Sat. to talk with us. My sweet little Dad sat and listen and understood...he said only God knew when it was time for her to go home..but that he wanted her to die at home. We talked about how blessed we are...and cried...we talked about honoring Mom's wishes...and cried...we talked about loving her and enjoying each day we have...and cried...we talked about none of us knowing that we have that next day...and cried...we talked about knowing that when death does comes for any of us that we will be together again with Jesus. We agreed to take each day and not dwell on what is to sister was here with us as we talked with hospice...I think that maybe she has finally realized...for me it is such a comfort to know that Hospice will be here. Mom had a good day today....eating went well...she has been talking....most of it we can't understand but at times we can. She walked around a little with help...I know that we will have good days and true your words of wisdom...we are in His hands and He is faithful...He will sustain us. Your heart long for them to not be in pain...with hospice they will help us make sure that Mom will not suffer....please keep us in your prayers. My daughter and family are coming this week-end from daughter in Memphis is coming...we will all be together....the house will be full...that will bring joy to Mom and Dad. Bless you all for your prayers and concern....I pray for you also. Nora

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Dear Nora... I cried with you as I read your post. You expressed the despair and hope you all are facing right now so tenderly and with much wisdom. How wonderful that you and your loved ones know the Lord and can trust in His mercy at such a time as this. I'm so thankful to hear how your dad responded... God is hearing your cries, Nora. You and your family are precious to the Lord. What a comfort for your dear mother to know that she is with those who love her dearly and are taking such excellent care of her. Hospice will be a blessing. Just knowing that you can call someone any hour of the day or night in case of an emergency or to clarify something was a comfort to me. Yes, your family being home will give your precious parents much joy... May Jesus hold you all in His arms of love. I'll be praying for you. God bless you, dear friend. In His love-breezy.

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Yes, dear Nora, we pray for you especially at this time.

There is the song In the arms of His Love that came to my mind when reading the message from breezy. It's so comforting to know He does just that.


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Dear Nora.....I know how hard this is. The good days are so precious, and the difficult ones, so sad. Your best bet is to feed her only on the days she can swallow, so she doesn't aspirate. I am thinking about you...your family is so strong. Guess your folks "raised you right"!
You have the right idea, and hospice will be a big help.
Let us hear from you when you can, but we will be with you in thought anyway. Shalom....Derry

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