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ginnierMay 2, 2007

We took my folks out for Chinese last night and afterwards I watched them hobble to the back door of their building and I noticed that my mom is not walking right. She's been weak and stooped over for awhile...but this time I noticed that she is walking almost on the inside of her foot!!! If this worsens, it'll look like she is walking on the side of her shoe. Oh I don't know the words to describe it!!! It's almost like her foot/ankle is melting like candle wax! What's going on? It seems her ankle and the bottom of her foot are almost at the same level: the ground. Does this make sense to you? Any explanation or ideas??? I thought at first it was her shoe, she wears slip on loafers. Does she just need new shoes??? OH MY!

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I think this may go beyond a new pair of loafers and a really good foot specialist might be a start, or better yet, her regular physician at first, then onward with any specialist he/she might recommend. The stooping is probably osteoporosis and the foot turning may be compensation for aches and pains from the back on down. A good specialist would certainly know if any of the orthotics and/or orthopaedic shoes could help alleviate this.

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