Propane BTU's lower than gas?

craig00February 14, 2011

How much lower are the BTU's for a propane cook top than gas? We have a large LP tank for our fireplace, have an all electric home and want to replace the electric range with a propane model.

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Every company the conversion and BTU loss is different. Some companies have their ranges made up for either and they seem to have the least loss. About 3 yrs ago a repair man I knew had a list and at that time I remember GE had the most significant loss.

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like eandhl said - it all depends on the specific top. The GE Monogram rangetop I just put in mt sister's place has no difference btw. fuels. Some have higher power with LP, most get a bit more with Nat.Gas.

At any rate most people are not even going to notice a difference even if the difference is 1000 btu's. You see, you'll have no frame of reference unless you have the same cooktop with both kids of fuel.

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I have the same question--GE Monogram NG needs conversion to LP. BTU specs:

for Natural gas burners
1 burner @ 18,000 BTUs
2 @ 12,000 BTUs
2 @10,000 BTUs
Total output: 62,000 BTUs

But the LP version offers
1 @ 15,000 BTUs
4 @ 9100 BTUs
Total output: 51,400 BTU

With all that being said, I've always had electric regular coil burners or smoothtop ranges. DH wants the look of the commercial appliance but not sold on the gas & power. I want the temp range, instant heat & instant cool & more even cooking that gas has to offer. So this is the compromise.

Now for the questions: How much of a difference will that BTU reduction make? Will I even notice a difference as compared with electric? (I know that's probably a wierd question--I guess I'm referring to time to boil, heat recovery time, etc).

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Propane as a gas has much higher BTUs (per cubic foot) than does NG and also flows with much less pressure than does NG. The conversion of a range from NG to propane simply involves installing smaller orifices and modifying the pressure regulator.

I agree completely with antss. You will never know the difference. Top shelf range manufacturers make conversions from NG to propane that make the performance of the two virtually indistinguishable from each other. I had a Wolf 48" NG range top in CA for almost 10 years. Now I have a Wolf 48" propane range top here in VA. I certainly can't tell any difference.

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She's not talking about conversion. She's talking about the specs from two different models. But it you do a conversion, you would like to think that the manufacturer would try to make the BTU's close to the same.

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meister - "You see, you'll have no frame of reference unless you have the same cooktop with both kids of fuel. "

that about sums it up.

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I just received my 60 inch dual fuel Wolf is beautiful! It was a floor model and I was told that it was configured for liquid propane. When it arrived, we realized that it not LP, but natural gas. The dealer is sending me a conversion kit and it will be converted early next week.

My question is...will I lose any power on my burners with this conversion?

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If you're asking
1) Is there a difference between yours converted to LP with the LP kit versus having received it from the factory already configured for LP? The answer is NO. The conversion (kit) is the same whether it was done at the factory or at the dealer.
2) Is there a difference between the "power" of the Wolf NG unit versus the Wolf LP unit? The answer is +/- NEGLIGIBLE.
3) Would you be able to notice a difference in performance between the NG unit and the LP unit? NO. As I said above, I had a 48" NG Wolf in my last home and I now have a 48" LP Wolf in this house. I can't tell any difference.

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