xminionMay 7, 2014

My dear friend is in hospice, dying. She's in another state, and I hope to make the drive to see her before she passes.

When I call her hospice nurse, she just tells me to "ask the family." Well, my friend has very little family, certainly nobody who lives close by. While I have spoken to some o f the family in the past, I don't have their phone number. They all are in different states.

At the very least, I want to be notified when my friend passes. I understand HIPPA rules and such, but, how can I get past the gate-keeping hospice nurse? Can't friends be involved in end-of-life care too? Especially for people who have little family involvement?

Anybody dealt with a similar situation?

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The patient has to request that the friend be allowed access to information. The nurse is doing a good job. Ask the nurse to please pass along your name and phone number to the patient's family... there must be someone involved... and ask that they call you.

Unless you go in person, that's the best you can do.

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What sushipup said.

The nurse and/or facility don't know you. They have to follow the rules....and that's as it should be. You'll have to get patient's or POA-holder's OK.

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CA Kate

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I'm sure it makes you very sad. If you wish to visit your friend before he/she dies go NOW! Do not wait.

Otherwise, I agree with all that's already been said.

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