How to Sell/Trade a Traditional 4 oven Aga in Texas

hillcountryviewFebruary 16, 2014

We are purchasing an old german farmhouse in Texas. The kitchen has a 58" black, traditional 4 oven Aga. It is beautiful, but not a fit for my family. Does anyone know a dealer who would be interested in buying or take as a trade in on a dual fuel range? Are there any forums where people in other parts of the country are looking for this cooker?

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Sophie Wheeler

About the only place in the country that is suited to the traditional always on type Aga would be the PNW or somewhere up in Maine. You could contact some freight companies about building a shipping crate and a shipping quote and then put it on EBay. But I don't see anyone in Hot hot summer TX wanting such a thing.

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Well having had a couple traditional AGA's i would say that the geographical range is far greater than posted above.

I currently have one in Michigan and love it.

Mississippi might not favor one but in northern climes they are great.

As for how to sell one, I may suggest finding some folks on the AGA service network.

They have to be disassembled to move and ship so that network is key.

Those of us that have them generally really like them.

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In my experience unless you are very very lucky you have scrap metal on your hands. look at it this way It will cost the buyer ...

Take apart (correctly) $1500
Crate and Pallet (Correctly) $300
Ship as a one off (1400lbs) $2500 (low side)
Reassemble Correctly $2500 (with new stuffing)

Then fingers crossed it was taken down properly, shipped safely and works on arrival.

I was offered one a few years ago from a store in NY, brand new shop floor display never been turned on, $7999.00 4 months late it was offered to me again for $2000 if i took it down and shipped it, 3 weeks later it was smashed and scarped for $500 .......

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I am not sure on the disassembly and reassembly but I know they did not charge me $2500 to assemble mine.And one of mine was 15 miles down a 2 track.

The shipping is nowhere near that much. There are plenty of LTL shippers around.
I sell thousands of pounds of scrap per year and noone is paying $500 for that much cast iron. Now a dealer might offer some number like that if he could reuse some of the parts but as straight scrap it is pretty worthless.

I would find the Texas AGA service rep and give them a call. They are generally pretty interesting characters any way...

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