TOTO Neorest Does not flush

YuliaOFebruary 17, 2014

Hi all!
i was searching the web but could not find the answer.

We just installed toto nearest in our house. Looks great but it does not flush properly. The water runs and all but it does not actually flush. We also installed regular TOTOs in other bathrooms and they all work fine.

What do you think could be a problem?

thank you

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Explain what you mean by does not flush properly. Does the water enter the bowl com the tank? Does it appear that any water goes down the drain? You can also call Toto. I have found them very helpful in the past. Which Neorest model do you have?

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we have neorest 500.
the water enters the bowl from the tank and i guess it does go down the drain because it does not overflow. Lets say if you pee in the toilet and throw in some paperâ¦And press flushâ¦Water will become clear but the paper will stay in the bowlâ¦So it seems like there is not enough suction(?) or whatever it is calledâ¦

I'll make a video later

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My wife wanted a toilet other than a Toto, so we bought it and I installed it. It is a nice looking toilet, for a toilet. It is an elongated bowl and I frequently find toilet paper on the front of the bowl, just above the water line. I've mentioned to the boss that perhaps she should drop the paper in the water spot so it can flush properly. As it is now it may take a few flushes to get the tp into the water. Every time the paper is in the water it flushes properly. Target practice!

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the paper is in the waterâ¦but it just floats there and does not flush down the drainâ¦

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Does the 500 have the unifit adapter? Do you know if the unifit adapter was installed?

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I don't know, I'll ask my plumber....

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Finally, my plumber showed up! there was some problem with filter being clogged (took him 2 weeks to figure out LOL)â¦So the flush is now working YEY!

BUT the wand thingy (the cleaning spray) does not workâ¦.It slides out, clicks, and slides back inâ¦.no waterâ¦My 3 year old was very disappointed :))))

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Does the spray only work if someone is sitting on the seat? This toilet is too expensive to not have all functions functioning.

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The spray does not work at all :((

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