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gabby_49May 20, 2006

Hi to all of you.

Well my caregiving dayshave been well over for about ayear now. My husband retired early and since March we have been gone. Went to Gulfport Miss and stayed two months. Sure isdevastated there. Now we are in Florida visiting our sons and seeing one of the sons newhouse. It has been so enjoyable being gone but our time is running short to go home. Need to take care of our house and yard. Hope all of you are doing great and remember caregiving doesn't last forever. It is such a prcious gift wecan give back. I know it is hard, even if you choose to takeit on.You won't regret anything....been there. Found so much understanding on here thissite, so all of you hang in there and support each other.....wishing you all well. Hello Nora.....Abreeze and all the rest....Hugs Gabby

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Hi Gabby,
Glad you checked in. I wish we would here from Debbie. Her posting have stopped and I am concerned about her and Al.
Glad you are enjoying live.
I am happy, Butterfly season is just starting-that and my yard are what give me great satisfaction in live.

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Hello Gabby and Connie,
Good to see your posts. Gabby glad to hear that your hubby retired and you all enjoying the traveling. My hubby retired about 3 weeks ago....but....he started lay speaking in our Methodist church about 3 years ago and not long decided to go into the he has been also studying to be a local lay pastor....he has had a church full time for a year now...but with retirement...the bishop has asked us to move to a small town about 2 hours from here... it will be full time for him...60 members and also will have a small church about 3 miles away...20 he will preach 2 sermons...we are excited...when you say...Here I Am Lord....then you trust His Will for you. Dad will be going with us....he is also excited....he will also have a room fixed at my sisters house...he has spent more time with her since Mom died. Here we are at 59 and 58...moving...and starting over.....our daughter that is in grad school here will be living in our house...we are not selling until she gets out...about a year. Pray for us....our God is faithful and we know that this is what He wants us to do. Connie...glad to hear that butterfly season is here for you. Pray all is well with you all. Think about everyone often. Wish we could hear from Debbie also. God Bless and check back. Nora

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