Who What Bull/cow creamer

Katrinka_FidoOctober 11, 2011

My 95yr old neighbor pulled this from my all 25cent item gsale and scolded me, "Don�t you know what this is?" My reply was "Yeah, a broken Bull with utters or a girl with horns creamer." She shoved it into my chest & yelled "DO YOUR RESEARCH, YOUR MOTHER WOULD BE SO DISSAPOINTED!" I�m thinking mom would be glad I�m letting go of stuff, it�s broken & the horn tip is lodged in a leg (stated this on a note with the cow) what good is that? It can�t be worth anything, can it? This he/she cow creeped me out as a kid throwing up cream and still does. I shut the sale down & through tears jumped on line only to find these things priced all over the place. Didn�t find another exactly like it but close. Is it what Stella was thinking - you tell me please? Should I take it to the pro & let them fish out the horn and repair? Value verses cost of a repair? Thanks in avance for any help. Katrinka

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Older people have a real paranoia that younger people don't know the value of old things. Comes with the territory and sometimes it's true, sometimes not. The prices are all over the place, because the cow milk pitcher has been around a long time, and I have seen them in catalogues dating from at least the late 1800s....but they are still made today. I have one an aunt got me I presume was made in China. Value will depend on age, maker, rarity and condition.

BTW cows do have horns and there are bulls with no horns. It used to be if you had a milk cow and didn't want horns on it (if you've ever milked, you'd understand why) you had to remove them, a procedure known as polling. Some modern cattle breeds are bred to be hornless. Polled Jersey milkcows were developed around the turn of the last century, but before that, they had horns. But, there is still a polling tool in my son's barn. So, cows do have horns.

You'll need to know the maker on your's to consider if it's worth a repair or valuable. Even really good pieces of utility china/pottery/porcelain are devalued if damaged.

Most obvious question is .......is there a manufacturer's mark? Likely not on a piece this small. I have a bunch of collectable, vintage animal pieces from places like McCoy's, Hull's, Brush, Shawnee and many of the ones like this aren't. The gold finish and glaze suggest it may have been a better piece at one time.

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I'm udderly baffled why someone would think that was a bull.

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Thanks calliope. Wow, I didnt know about the polling thing, (strike 2 on me)that surely torqued my neighbor,she is the niece of a once large dairy operation. We are on speaking terms again which she states "See, I told you so!" To which I have no good reply & tell her I'm still researching. No maker mark while Stella now insists it is Stafford, "didn't I see the red clay?" that still wasn't meaning a hill of beans to me or to prove or disprove anything. Im not the collector, MOM WAS with Stella at her side. I offered it to her, she refused. Maybe I should put it on line for $10...let it sit forever & that would convince her it had no value, its OK I let it go. I almost put it out to pasture, Stella keeps inquiring. I know this isn't DR PHIL but I still need a little more info on this non polled cow. Any other site suggestion? on cow creamers? on Guardian Neighbor?(LOL) We won't have too many more good days for me to open the garage and continue.

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Casey, now that is funny!

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I found a picture and a little blurb about your creamer. See Link below Possibly he could give you a hint on how to price it, either repaired, or as is.

It's sure a cute creamer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Craig's Cow Creamers

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" I offered it to her, she refused " LOL, you can't win, can you Katrinka? I has this sneaky suspicion, since she was your Mom's collecting companion, that she might just want the prestige of collaborating with you on values. BTW, red clay doesn't peg anything to a particular maker because red clay exists all over the world. However some companies are famous for making their ware from it. Didja notice that one Japanese maker did their cows in red clay?

What an amazing cow creamer site. Never seen so many udders in one place at one time.

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I tip my cow to chemocurl! Great site, actually saw some I REALLY liked. Yeah calliope I agree on the collaboring thing but what can you say when they know it all-just ask her. THAT WASN'T DIRECTED AT ANY KNOW IT ALLS ON THIS SITE, OK? OH, did you notice how many were referred to as bull creamers? Aware of companies known for red clay but this cow just didn't warrant that kind of thought. ANYWAY, I'm enjoying the cookie she brought over as a peace offering for yelling at me. She feels just terrible and wants to 'assist' with the next sale.....see you soon! Thanks again to all. Karinka

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If you look about halfway down the first page of the Craig's Cow Creamers site, there is a collection of four black cow creamers from Japan. I think the one on the left is a dead ringer for yours. Craig notes that they are made from red clay.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I tip my cow to chemocurl!
I enjoy the challenge of finding things on the net and think I might have been a Nancy Drew type person in a previous life.

Can you ask your neighbor just how to price the 'collectable' things? Possibly an antique mall would be interested in helping you price things and take them in on consignment or even buy them all from you.

I only have a few items every so often I want to get rid of and a local mall helps me price them and takes them on consignment. I don't have near enough to rent a booth space.

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