Spring has finally sprung!!

Glitter53May 20, 2005

Hey, Debb!!!!! 22C today (72F for you gals a little south of us! ;-) and the sun is shining, and the grass needs cutting again, and I'm going to pot up my basil that I had pinched off my plants that have rooted in a water-glass! Still a danger of over-night frost, so I'll still keep 'em all indoors!

Well, Mom has finally gotten over her chest congestion and secondary infection of her GI tract (from the antibiotics), and it's like she awoke from a month-long sleep!! She couldn't believe my DH and I were visiting yesterday (where have we been all this time??!!!). On the down-side, she now knows she's not at home, and asked to come home yesterday. Bummer. We took her to lunch at the restaurant at the NH (interesting concept: the residents can order anything they want and are not charged a penny! We just have to sign her in to make sure she ate at that meal, and only my DH and I have to pay! And the prices are ridiculously low! Cool!), and she had her favourite: french fries and gobbled them up along with a date square and tea! What a nice change for her! I'm going to do that more often. Perhaps today, being so warm, I'll take her for a walk around their park. When she asked to go home, I just said it was up to the doctor when she could go, because she had been so ill, and she accepted that. Not sure how long that excuse will last...We got her back to her room and she was so tired. We fluffed her back into bed and she fall asleep instantly! There was a warm breeze coming thru her window, and she looked so cozy there. Too cute.

Anyway!! Hope it's all sunny where you are (snow gone, Deb?! ;-)....and that you all have a lovely day!!

Deb: congrats on the new whiz-bang computer! You're really going to enjoy it! And your daughter getting a grant and not paying anything for school in the fall??!!! HOW great is that??!!! Awesome!! Guess you'll be passing thru here, taking her to school in the fall? Shall I start tidying up the guest rooms for you?!! Woohoo!!!

Okay! Gotta run!

Hugs and Blessings


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Greetings from WARM up north! today we are expecting a high of 20 - or 68 degrees, don't you just hate metric, yesterday when i was in a&p i got lunch meat and it went like this 5 slices of cdn swiss cheese, 1.50 shaved cooked ham, 3.00 of oven roast turkey breast and 1.00 of 3 other lunch meats! - kid looked at me and i said hey, i'm too old for this metric stuff. anyways i talked to sandra and cheryl (my friend) for about 10 minutes she's doing fine and looks great as always, here me with greasy hair in a pony. i actually have started a new quilt, guess i'm out of my funk but i'm so tired all the time. and i'm glad this is our long weekend and since dd is trilled about this new computer i don't think she'll be wanting to go out anywhere. i have a ton of veg. seeds and flower seeds and since this is the weekend to plant i don't really know if i should because of the cold weather funny how things work out -- may long weekend - plant seeds, and you can't wear white shoes or purses before then, who made that rule i wonder. love the new computer, the screen is huge - 17 inch, dd is going to show me how to use msn or whatever, so maybe we can chat live, i'll let you know if i'm a good student. (oh, radio just said it was 11 out - 52 degrees). baby Matthew will be 22 on Monday - can't believe it, where did the time go? if i could have done anything different raising him, i don't think i'd change anything, well maybe, i just wish he'd learn to drive! i will admit I THINK WE have great kids, oh well i won't get sappy now. al has had 2 pains in his shoulder and has had 3 sprays of nitro already today, i'm hoping it's the weather, but last night he had trouble getting up from a laying position and we had to help him get up, so i think i better stay close to him today. dd is skipping last period of school this afternoon - i know because i'm picking her up, she says the classes are getting smaller and smaller each day, i guess the kids know they won't be passing so why bother going, one class only had 5 in it yesterday. well it's time to give insulin, if you're going out there and it's your long weekend too, please, please drive carefully! debbie

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Great, just great. It's about 55 here in Baltimore and pouring rain, and it's been getting colder all day! I think it's a Canadian cold front! It's one of those cold, damp days that eats right through you. Enjoy.

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HAHAHA!! Sorry Momj47! It's 72F here, so you can't blame Deb or I for your cold, drizzly weather, right Deb? ;-D
My DH mowed the lawn again today, and I swear, if I could bottle that smell, I could make a fortune selling it! Or I could just take a few snorts in the winter to remember that one day it'll be summer again!!!

Have a great long-weekend, all!!

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Please, please - momj - we're sorry, but hey, feel sorry for me - snow in may, please - lol. it was a great day - i put shorts on - boy are my legs white and if i would have known it was going to be that nice out i would have taken my lady bic out! ds left work at 1:30 today, he put in too many hours at work for the week so he was able to leaave early, dd called me from school and asked if she could come home early, please call the school and sign me out at 1"15 - only 3 people showed up for english, so we all spent the afternoon outside with Al - yes he was out on the ramp for 1 1/2 hours! i was able to get some lavender, sage, and thyme perennial plants marked down at a&p for 49 cents each, they were quite healthy looking and with a good drink they look alot better. dd and i went out after supper to look for a sewing machine bulb -- went to 7 stores and couldn't find one, what a town! i'll try the mall tomorrow morning, even though ds has the long weekend off. linda do you have a fanny's fabrics in your city, ours has the store closing, chain is going bankrupt, not my fav. store but i may go into there tomorrow as well. our last splurge was a 3 in one printer, i declined the one where we got the computer from and bought one at wal-mart and saved 75.00 for the same thing! it does pay to shop around! well it i have another row to sew on this quilt before i go to bed, so if you have nice weather tomorrow enjoy it as much as you can. debbie

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