Brick house, white garage door, black front door, which color

threeapplesJanuary 31, 2012

for entry doors to garage (regular doors, not the large overhead garage doors) and entry doors to the back of the house? should all entry doors be black if the front door to the house is black? we need to order these soon and have to decide. the house is a Georgian style, by the way, with white painted trim. thanks!

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IMO the front door is a standalone feature, so the other doors don't have to match it and in all honesty probably shouldn't match it so it stands out. Most people paint garage entry doors the same color as the overhead garage door and I would paint your back doors whatever color matches your exterior window color. Hope this helps!

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I agree with mydreamhome. In general, secondary doors should not "pop" out at you. Only the front door should do that. If your windows and trim are all white, I'd use white. But if you think white doors would be a bit too much, consider pulling the main color from your brick and using a darker tone of that color to paint to paint the secondary doors so they tend to blend into the brick.

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My parent's garage had two people doors to it. One on the back, next to the vehicle door, and one that opened up to the front porch very close to the front door. My mother didn't want it to be the same as the front door, but she didn't want to have this pretty front door and your average white door in the same "shot". And the white doors really seem to pop out with her brick. So, she made them the same finish, but the front door has glass details and the garage door doesn't. The other garage door is just white and matches the vehicle garage door.

Unfortunately, I went through all my photos and looks like I don't have any that show the front and garage doors at the same time or really even after the brick was done. I'll post the best one I have. From most angles, you don't really see the garage door, only the front door.

Front Door

Garage Door that opens to front porch

Back garage door is white to match vehicle door

Back door is white

This is about the best photo I have where you can see the garage door and front door in the same shot.

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