activities for 93 yr old MIL

judywisconsinMay 13, 2005

My mother-in-law is 93, living in an assisted living home since September. I visit her every week, & we always just sit & talk (which is not a bad thing). I'd like to "do" something with her, to maybe give her mind a little stimulation. Does anyone have any ideas? She walks with a walker, but tires easily; she has some arthritis in her hands.


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I read to my Mother in the NH. She isn't up to much else. She loves the Bible. She leans forward and listens with all ears. Pearl

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Judy, how about coming for some of the activities and joining in? I keep threatening to come for Bingo, but Mother doesn't even have the energy for that these days.

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We (my kids and I) used to bring in lunch or dinner. Nothing fancy - sometimes I'd make a meal, sometimes we'd pick up a pizza or subs, and eat somewhere else in the building or on the campus of the CCRC, or if it was nice, we'd eat outside. My dad loved it. Sometimes we took him for a drive, he used to love it, and stop to eat at McDonalds, he really appreciated getting out like that.

Good luck.

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Judy, until recently, my Mom enjoyed doing very simple puzzles with me (she couldn't really put any together, but was attentive and excited when a piece fit), and I even got a colouring book and crayons and we'd colour for a while (I said I was the one who enjoyed it...'course it's true!;-), I also got some of those toddler puzzles, the wooden ones that fit into spaces: I actually found them in a dollar store! Of course, with her in a nursing home now, I look forward to doing a little of that, but also to taking her for walks on the paths they have, sitting in the gazebos and maybe munching on french-fries (she loves 'em); I do her nails, curl her hair, give her hand massages with a decadent moisturizer, apply a cooling gel on her legs and massage them, give her a little 'steam' facial with a warm cloth, then apply noxema (her favorite)...lots of "Chick" things!

Hope some of those ideas help....


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Oops! Forgot one! We have a box of old black and white photos, many of 'strangers', at least to us: we had Mom look at them and tell us who was in them, and perhaps the occasion and year, as close as she could determine, and we'd write on the back of them. That provided many trips down memory lane, as well as an opportunity to put names to faces!

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