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gabby_49May 2, 2005

Ok Guys, here it is 8:00 in the morning in Kentucky and I am cleaning and washing windows.Sun is bright and warming up. High 60's today. Get up, get motivated and get going, this is spring cleaning you know. Just kidding!!! I know some of you are so busy with the care of parents that you don't have a dimes worth of time. But those of you who can't get motivated, here is the time, and just think my windows will all be nice and clean and you can actually see out of them.

Yes, we are home for the time being, maybe today and tomorrow and just look how entergectic I am??? I should not be on here but was checking my email. So far so good on The Home Site, not alot of problems,as I see, so that is good. Hope everyone is enjoying spring...and that whoever you are caring for is well. May they breathe the warm air of spring, and revitilize them.

Oh yes...does anyone have any good ideas how to keep the windows from looking smudgy when the sun comes through. I wipe and wipe and think oh welllll, at least they are cleaner than before. Got to run ya'll but all of you take care and see you soon. HUGS Gabby

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So you're the one that took the warm weather! It's so cold here 30 and windy - 40mph and here i am wearing my winter parka and wool sweater! although i'm not washing windows too cold i'm switching the computer into the dining room so i can really have a bedroom without everyone coming into use the computer when i'm trying to sleep! Yesterday, carley and i went to the other side of town to pick up --can you believe this--a Christmas present i ordered her in november that finally came in! on the way home we saw someone that was involved in a hit and run (a person was hit)! we came home and started moving the furniture around. then this morning driving her to school we then saw a tail end of a fight, the poor young man's face was a mess! although i don't know who these 2 poor soles are, i have also been doing some heavy duty praying for them and also for the lady in the store where the hit and run happened when i asked her to call 911, she had the nerve to say oh those natives (where do these people come from, i couldn't care less if someone is purple with 2 heads, a person is a person, i can't believe that someone could be so cruel). i also got to go to afew yard sales, 2 church sales - got some books and craft supplies, and another few houses, -Linda - i got a new hudson bay jacket for 50 cents! this nice lady at another house -gave- me a new sheepskin pressure pad and a pressure pad! and more craft supplies - also Linda there were tons of little unfinished wooden things this was the splurge - 3.00! - lol. Al slept a whole 15 minutes last night and i'm hoping he sleeps soon, he says both his legs are just killing him. well it's time to move some move furniture around (even though my arm is still sore from the iv and has major bruising), then it's nap time - Pea Bee am reading a Valerie Wolzien mystery - she's a pretty good author- and reading time. if you're lucky enough to enjoy the sun i'm jealous, but i don't have to wash windows yet! debbie

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Deb....Wellllll, the warm weather didn't last long as clouds come in and it was windy. So I think Mother Nature fooled me once again. For May this weather has been so unusal, but unlike you, in Canada we aren't having to bundle up like that. The computer move, welll I would like to get mine out of the dining area, but as far as my downstairs now that Lara my MIL doesn't occupy it anymore, I can't even find space for it there. Sure sounds like your life and surroundings are never dull, always something to see ,like the accident and then the the fight. Sure must be alot go there...LOL And the bargains at yard sales, don't you just love those.

I think I done so good today, I painted a rail mowed the yard and cleaned all my windows. Can't believe I had so much

Sounds as if Al is not doing to good with the leg pains. Hope he feels better soon. HUGS TO ALL Gabby

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Hello, Gabby! Spring cleaning??!!! Doesn't it count that I cleaned my whole house and Q-tipped the corners for our SuperBowl party in January? Rats. Work, work, work...;-)

Seriously, with Mom in the NH, silly me, I thought I'd have more time for such things, but all I've been doing is driving back and forth to check on her! She's not doing well. It must be nice to be home (even if you're cleaning windows)...Enjoy!

It's suddenly cold again here in Ontario, and as Debbie said, some people were in winter jackets again today! Not me, though. I refuse to wear it now. Even if I'm freezing, no way! It's spring, and I'll be darned if I'm going to succumb to the temptation to be warm in my winter jacket. Hmph.

And as for you, Missy Debbie....aren't you supposed to be resting a wee bit more? Sweetie, slip into neutral for a while and r-e-l-a-x! You promised, remember? ;-) I'm still working on the fact that you got a Hudson's Bay jacket for 50cents!! Unbelievable! You probably needed it today! lol!
Sounds like you had a pretty successful weekend!!

For now....we continue to tread water....which I'll do now with wine glass in hand!

Blessings to you, Gabby, and Debs!!

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Windows??? You're supposed to CLEAN them??? Ah, come on now, you can't be serious!!!! (got to get to mine one day soon) It was 80º today. DH was burning the last of the spring clean up leaves, etc. I stayed in and read. Can't stand breathing in smoke. I have been on another mystery/thriller reading jag. I don't know what I would do if I couldn't read. The computer is great, but it can'take up all the spare time.

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Ok girls, we are going from extreme cold in Debbies land to P.B.'s climate of where in the world are you P.B.? And why isn't some of that warm weather drifting our way? Linda,so your mother isn't doing well, is it the change from your home to the nursing home, or a health issue. I am sorry to hear. Such a transition for you both ,but I know gal you deserved it greatly,but understand you still worry. That is normal and I hope she will continue to do well and you quit worrying,(easier said than done right)? PB...I love to read too and can sit alday with a book and pass the time. Relax and enjoy....All take care.....Gabs

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Hi Everyone! It's been cold and windy here. I'm still wearing my winter coat and the furnace is running! My phlox is starting to bloom, and parsley is up from last year, so warmer weather must be coming...

Tomorrow we're visiting an elderly, sick aunt who lives about two hours away, so I was busy cooking and baking for her today. I baked 2 1/2 dozen whole wheat buns and made a pot of chicken vegetable soup. She's another elderly gal insisting on living alone. We'll package food in small portions and freeze it for her. She has a child that she refuses to move in with...

Gabby, you're something else! I'm hoping to mow my yard Wed., but the windows will have to wait!

I haven't been posting much, but I try to keep up reading the threads. My heart goes out to each of you, and I try to lift you and your loved ones up in prayer. May God undertake for all of you. ~breezy

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Hi Girls...hey Linda, I'm so sorry to hear mom's not doing well...I hope it's not because of the thoughts and prayers are with you and your dear mom tonight. It is very chilly in Chicago now fact, downright cold!! Going down to 29 tonight...just ridiculous weather for May. I too refuse to put on a winter are we hurting???? lol Just to update you gals, mom's doing fine with the disposable underwear...I still can't get over what an easy transition that was. I am a little concerned about her however. She has seemed more confused within the past two days. Yesterday, I took her to a dedication for one of her dear friends that died last year. She saw some of her friends that she hasn't seen in quite a while. She said she was happy she was able to go and see them, so I don't think she was upset, but do you think that could cause her to be more confused today? She asked me over and over today what day it was, something she hasn't done in a long time and out of the blue started singing german rhymes...wierd, huh? Other than that, she seems to be okay.

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OK I KNOW i'm supposed to take it easy! But...isn't there always a but - lol, i had to get that computer out of my little bedroom! just so i could be by myself! our house is really tiny, and the dining room isn't really a huge,huge room, so i only had to move the computer stuff and an antique desk that we inherited from a relative, i didn't want any dings on it at all so i figured it's better to be in the little bedroom than the dining room, plus it holds the stacks of books i got from the library today (jill churchill, diane mott davidson and of course who could forget all those new quilting books they got in, i also got some thunder bay (my city) historical books, very interesting stuff). Al is feeling just terrible right now, so i figure its the CHF again, so in the next day or so i think he will be going to the hospital. we watched this interesting tv show last week about a man who is an amputee and for his phantom pain he took grape seed extract, i went to the health food store and bought a bottle of these capsules, they did seem to help a little , plus there are no interactions from them. also i looked them up on the net before i bought them and they are used for alot of things other than phantom pain. also before i took feverfew to see if they would work for my migranes but no luck there, but i am thrilled even though i had to pay the 107.00 for 6 pills the other day, that they worked! Linda i was shocked when the lady said 50 cents for the Bay jacket too, i did give her a toonie (our 2.00 coin) and told her don't worry about any change - lol. mimi we had a young man stay with us during hockey season last year, (the hockey coach (my sil's dh) was supposed to have a place for this young man to live, and they didn't even bother finding him a place, his name was ryan and we all called him "Chicago" (where he was from) and he lived with us for awhile, until they promised him this that and the other thing, and i asked him did my sil's dh give you anything in writing, he said no but he said, this went on for about a month and still this poor kid never got anything, so i told him if i was you i'd probably pack up everything and go home, but phone your folks first. well to make a long story short, he packed his bags and took that 15 hour drive back home to chicago, where another hockey team picked him up and he had a great hockey season. well it's time to pick up that book for awhile, everyone keep warm! debbie

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Hi to all. Spring cannot seem to get to Virginia, either. A few warm days, lots of rain and wind on my days off. Lots to do here. Good to hear from all of you. Computer issues here :(. Derry

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Derry it's great to hear from you again, i was wondering about you! the weather here is really weird, 3 days of winter parka and right now i have shorts on! not only because i had to wash my little stinky (our dog, not Al - lol) and he's not even shivering. al has had another bad night so he's sleeping now, sure am glad i moved into the other bedroom! also i get to read for along time so i'm thrilled. this afternoon it's me and the rake, we actually have small buds on the trees, but no robins yet! enjoy the day and take a walk around the block if you can, and say hi to someone you don't know. debbie

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