Dishwasher drawer

ellendiFebruary 12, 2012

Thinking of one for a tiny rental property kitchen. This space used to have an under the counter fridge that was taken out. It is now just an open space. My DH doesn't think a regular dishwasher will fit because another floor was added over the original.

My questions are: are these drawers practical? And, what brands are the most functional?

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Mine is 24" wide, same width as traditional dishwasher, in fact it was put in the slot that we pulled the Bosch out of .

Another thing, for a rental....will the tenants actually be willing to "learn" how to use it? There is a learning curve. If this is a place that you rent out weekly for vacations I would say don't do it. If it's a home you rent to people for long term, then maybe.

Perhaps if your space is narrow you need to look at an 18" wide dishwasher.

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For a rental? NO WAY! Way too much money to spend to have someone just break it. And they WILL break it because it's not intuitive to use. There are plenty of cheaper shorter DW's available. Don't spend over $300 for a rental unless it's a very upscale rental.

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Agree with others about rental intention. Regardless of your personal opinion, keep it simple and familiar for your prospective which I mean conventional DW instead of drawers.

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The OP is asking about vertical height, not width ... reference the comment about a 2nd layer of flooring.

There are only two drawer dishwasher designs sold on the U.S. market. Fisher & Paykel sells their design (on the market since 1997 with numerous engineering changes to the current) under their brand label and DCS. Whirlpool sells a different mechanical design (manufactured for them by Fagor, IIRC) under the KitchenAid, Kenmore, Maytag, and Jenn-Air brands. First-generation KA units (with "01" in the model number) were sourced from F&P, later models are not.

My F&P DishDrawer is 8.5 years sold (August 2003) and no repairs thus far. However, drawer units have some usage differences compared to traditional dishwashers, and rental tenants may be abusive to property they do not own. I recommend going with a traditional dishwasher to keep it within the experience and expectations of the typical consumer/renter.

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I've used an older Fisher & Paykel single-drawer DW and don't get what everyone finds hard to figure out about how to use them (the hidden-behind-the-cabinet-door models with the three buttons in front may confuse renters more though, haven't used one). The inside rack is very well designed to hold either glassware or plates in most sections. For multiple renters, you can always make a simple instruction sheet.

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no don't buy that for a rental unless its upscale type place. I had a tenant that we had to explain how to use a regular DW..the woman said she never had one before. my suggestion is get a 300-400 machine with good user reviews or a Danby 18" basically the most reasonable thing fits with out being super cheap.

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I don't want to hijack ellendi's thread, but can someone please explain what the 'learning curve' thing is about, and what the capacity of a single drawer unit is, roughly? Would it hold both dishes and pots from, say, dinner for two? Or does it not do pots at all? I have a small kitchen, and a dishwasher drawer would mean additional cabinet space. But I use my full size dishwasher pretty regularly.

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The thing is most renters don't care if they don't own it. The main thing is to make sure nothing sticks above the lower edge of the top surface or A the top will not close fully and you will have water everyware or B you will burn out the cover motor. For us we love it. For a renter no way.

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I don't know about the learning curve of the drawer but I just would not put an expensive item in an rental if it were me. I only put standard dishwashers and things with nice finishes but standard features in my rental. Caddiddady55 stated the reason. A lot of renters are not going to be careful to load it right and when the stuff some of the real careless ones stuff in there don't fit they will slam it shut then tell you I have no idea how it broke. And if they are a problem tenant you want rid of yeah good luck getting your place treated with any respect. you should have seen the mess left by the witch I had to evict. she left trash and junk every where. took the carpets that were made to fit the rooms. she took one of the oven racks and broiler pan that went with the stove. She let dirty dishes in the dishwasher too. Never turned in the keys and vacated the place the afternoon before the Constable was coming to put her out. That is the ugly side of being a landlord, there are good tenants out there you just have to filter out the bad ones and not be in a hurry to fill a vacancy if you care about good tenants renting from you.

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