How would you repair this....

michelle0171October 3, 2009

I have a 1940's duncan phyfe double pedestal dining table. One of the legs has broken/separated where it bows out, near the claw foot. What would be best to use to repair it? Table is heavy! Thanks!

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Take it to a cabinetmaker.

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Do you mean the wood has broken? or that a glued joint has become un glued?
If the wood has broken it will take a very expert repair...scarf joint and the whole 9 yards....but if it's just a glued joint the repair will be easier.
I second the recommendation of a cabinet maker or a furniture restorer.
Linda C...looking warily at my double pedestal Duncan Phyfe dining room table...very heavy...

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If it has just come unglued you could scrape all old glue off & repair with Elmer's Carpenter's wood glue. It would have to be upside down & require clamps with thin wood pieces so claps didn't damage the leg. If you haven't repaired antique furniture I wouldn't start with this.

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