nora8May 28, 2005

Hello Friends, It is 6:00 in the morning here in Missouri...just have alot going thur my mind. Mom had a o.k. day....we are still feeding...she is coughing more often when we do....she was bright eyed and smiled the last 2 weeks or so she started calling out loved ones names...she called out her grandmothers name,a sister-in-law,a friend..etc....all of these people have died...and she is looking up at the ceiling alot...and just talking...alot of the time you can't understand....Susan the girl that helps out with Mom said yesterday...the room is full of angels....the Hospice nurse said that Mom is preparing us and this happens....have any of you all had this happen with your loved ones....I sit close to Mom and we talk about all the happy times with our loved ones and tell her that they are in heaven...she will look at me and say..."yeah". It is the most peaceful special time....we are so blessed that Mom is not in any pain and she has the sweetest spirit. Just had to come and post my thoughts!!! Blessings, Nora

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Yes, Nora... It wasn't that way with Dad, but Mother would call for each of her parents. When I walked into the room to see if she needed me, she would look up at me and give me such a beautiful smile... Like you, I would talk about our wonderful memories and share the goodness of the Lord. She loved for me to read the Bible to her and sing. Sometimes she tried to join in... I, too, was always so grateful that Mother, for the most part, wasn't in pain. Cherish these memorable moments with your dear, sweet Mom. She sounds lovely and certainly raised a wonderful family... I'm thankful you have Susan and Hospice. I believe her room is full of angels. (Mother told my sister she saw an angel in her room...) God prepared us, and it sounds like he is preparing you and your family. I've been remembering you and your loved ones in prayer. May this weekend be so special for your parents and all of your family that's coming. I remember seeing the look in the eyes of my parents' grandchildren when they would visit each near the end wondering if this would be the last time they would be aable to visit them... God bless you and your loved ones... May He give you strength for each day. Now enjoy your family and shower those grandbabies with hugs and kisses! :) ~breezy

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Good morning, Nora...sending you a smile! Derry

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Nora! Sending hugs and a prayer for you and your family! debbie

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My dear Nora,

A great blessing to each one of you in your heart goes out to you knowing you're in His good hands.

Love, Sharlee

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Dear Nora... Pastor prayed for you and your precious mother, dad and family Sunday night... You're on my heart so much. Did your family arrive OK? Thank God for His love that binds you together. He will carry you through this. May your sweet mother continue to be free of pain and may God comfort your precious dad... May you have a blessed day in Jesus. ~breezy

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Good morning Nora...thinking about you. It is a beautiful day h ere in Virginia. Hope you all had a good get-together this weekend....time with your Mom and Dad. Shalom, Derry

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Hello Breezy and Derry, Bless you all for your thoughts and means so much. We had a good week-end...the babies loved being here and loved picking our roses...LOL...they played and played. We all went to church Sunday....a friend came in and stayed with Mom and Dad...that was such a blessing to have us all together to worship the Lord...DH came home from church and started cooking burgers and hot dogs...I had already fixed lots of goodies to go along...we took Mom outside to eat with us....she loved having the babies around....all four helped feed her...and they will go up to her and give her a big hug...Mimi the youngest..she is 2 liked playing with Mom's toys and Mom enjoyed watching her...I have a table that I put alot of different things for Mom to look at...they had a good time. My Dad loves having them here..they followed him to the garden and he showed them his daughter got to spend time with Mom and Dad...she is coming back by herself to spend the week-end and wants me and DH to go somewhere for a was a blessed time for all of us. Breezy please tell your pastor that I draw such comfort from knowing that he is lifting us in prayer...God Bless you my friend. Derry bless you for always being here for me. Had a good day of just down tome...LOL. It seems that Mom is starting to hold her food on the back of her tongue more...nurse came today and said maybe we should just try feeding baby food...said that we just needed to get her to eat long as it was easy for her to swollow and it didn't make her cough....don't worry about nutrition...give her anything she wants. She said at this point it just doesn't matter....yogut seems to go down good and ensure....makes me sad...I have tried to figure out things to fix that would give her nutrition. Again bless you means so much to come here and talk. Nora

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Nora, You need a food processor...small one from Walmart to puree her food. If you add plenty of juice, water, gravy ,or other fluid, it will puree to the consistency of baby food. No need to buy it. BF tastes terrible! DW

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Nora, just to let you know we're all thinking of you! Derry, i remember those days of making homemade babyfood, you're right nothing compares to homemade!

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Hi Nora... Thanks for taking the time to give us an update. I agree with Derry and Debbie. Don't buy BF! :) I always tasted everything before giving it to Mom and quickly rejected BF. I would occasionally buy the plums to help keep her bowels moving. (With her being an invalid keeping them open was a challenge.) It sounds like your parents had a delightful time with the little ones. God bless you, dear friend. ~breezy

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Thanks you all....I do have a food processor....and we have been giving her all puree food...nurse just made that suggestion because it seems to go down better....we buy alot of soups...veggies...she loves yams....also we give alot of juices....she loves V8 juice....bought her some cotton candy yogurt today!!! Tried to feed her dinner tonight and she just couldn't eat without coughing...have to stop for awhile....going back down to see if I can get her to eat a little something....just want to ask you all about Susan was leaving today she said that while they were swinging today Mom said just out of the blue....2 months....Susan was telling the chaplain about it and he said that alot of times our loved ones give us signs that they are getting ready to leave us...let me hear from you all about what you think...I know Mom sees she telling us in 2 months....she also said ...just wait....God Bless, Nora

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Sure sounds possible, Nora... How wonderful that she's able to go outside and swing and enjoy the weather. One of the things my mother loved for me to give her was baked apples. I would clean and quarter them and bake them with the skins. They give the apple a wonderful flavor. (Wait until the apples cool and remove the skins.) I generally used macintosh, empire, or jonathan. If I microwaved them, I would add some water to the bowl. If using the oven, I wouldn't need to add water. And I didn't sweeten them - the skins give the sweetness. You can always sweeten them when they're done if you think more is needed. Have a blessed day. ~breezy

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Hi Nora. When my Mom was having spells of vocalizing (not words), the dementia doctor told me that random words and sounds really did not have meaning, or so they thing. He said it was random firing of the brain. Not sure I but that...but you never know. So glad she got outside...sun makes you feel good!
(((Nora and all))). Derry

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