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jeanninetxMay 25, 2005

I am being nosy, how do you wash Als hair at the kitchen sink, I did this for over 15 years for the son. Now with his new bathroom, he still wants his hair washed at the sink. At least it is a handicapped bathroom.

I always use a cape, turned around backwards, so the long part is in the sink. He backs up till his chair hits the counter, then I roll up the edges and the front to form a pocket? I use snap clothespins to hold all that in place. Then I wash the hair, works good, I will admit he sometimes is wet in the front---I know they sell special trays that are for just that, washing the hair when the person cannot lean back.

When M. came home from the hospital, we had to use ----Ready for this----The washing Machine!!!!!!!! the only room with water on the lower level where he was, that he could get to. lol

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Jeannine i wasd laughing when i read your post, why, because that's the way i do it, except i have a towel folded in front of the sink so al can rest part of his body on it - i guess chin. i also fold a towel around his neck and the cape. i don't have one of those hoses attached to the sink to i have a plastic one that you put on the fawcet. i also open the cupboard drawers under the sink so he can get a little closer. they have washed al's hair with the tray in the hospital, but you still have to have a pail under it to catch the water. funny how creative we all seem to be, i love it! enjoy your day, we're getting ready for rain but it's about 50 out right now, so for us it's hot - ps - i have shorts on!, i know probably you're all saying what a fool, that's cold out!

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Hi girls,
I thank God mom can still wash her own hair in the shower. She has a bar in there that she leans on that I don't know where the girl had the sense to put it in there because she had kids.. Maybe one of kids was handicapped, I never met them..

Anyway, she does her own.. I don't know what I'm going to do once she can't do her own anymore.. She's way to big heavy to get to the sink and to little. I don't think she can stand that long.. But I guess I cross that bridge when I get there..

Jeannine, I don't know where you get your energy, but God bless ya.. :)

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