Stove top burner getting red hot on simmer?

arkansas_girlFebruary 24, 2012

I'll need to call a repair man but I'd like to be prepared for them...what causes this: I was warming a pot of soup and had it(electric burner) on 2 and all of a sudden it got red hot and I turned it down to Low/simmer and it was still red hot. What is going out? Anyone?

Let me add that the other elements seem to be functioning OK, just the one is acting up.

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It's the dial. Rather, the 'rheostat' behind the knob. Usually a fairly simple replacement.

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Thank you! That confirms what I assumed it was, I took and swapped elements just to be sure. Unfortunately we aren't that handy and it's a cook top, countertop mounted stove top and it's attached to the inside of the counter top with brackets that we have no idea how to even get to those. HA! You handymen/women have no idea how lucky you are.

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My mom's old thermador was fairly easy to take apart. Remove the coils and pans. then there were clips that held the top to the rest of the unit. Remove. Lift off top.

Some variation with the control knobs, like remove knobs and look for hold-down fasteners that unscrew.

I rewired that thing so much I could do it in my sleep.

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You forgot Step # 1 , weedmeister


Otherwise "DIY'ers" may become an "Endangered Species"!!!


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Yeah the power, I'm not that unhandy...really! HAHAHA! I think I did figure out the clips/brackets can be unscrewed from the top of the unit when you remove the burners and pans. This stove is only from 2008 so it isn't even old, it's a Frigidaire brand.

Thanks again!

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dadoes has break-down/parts diagrams for many brands/models of household appliances. Look up your model there, the diagrams often reveal how a unit is assembled (screws, panels, etc.).

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Those were my days of living dangerously...

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