Bavarian Chocolate set

organic_bassetlvrOctober 10, 2011

I will attempt to post pics-bear with me. This set belonged to my grandmother & I am interested in any info. I looked on eBay for similar sets & prices vary wildly. The pic of the mark was too fuzzy but said bavarian and had a crown. HTH

Many thanks,


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without a good clear picture of the back stamp it's impossible to say who made it.
from what I see it's a probably porcelain German chocolate set from about 1930 maybe later. Not hand painted but nicely decorated.
Linda C

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I'll try to get a better pic tonite. I've always thought the pattern was especially pretty.

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Can't help, but wanted to say how pretty it is. I especially like the handle on the pot!

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Lots of crowns in marks, and lots of Bavarian china out there. Is there a wreath around the crown with a tiny 'R' at the base of the wreath? My formal set is Winterling. The earlier Winterling (until 1945) just had the crown with a wreath around it, and the word Bavaria. That's a beautiful set. Early Schuman also just had a crown and the word Bavaria.

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Sorry about the delay-computer issues. I am at work so cannot look right now. I meant to go home Monday & take better pics but life got in the way. I will try to do so ASAP. Thanks for your interest. I assume chocolate was expensive as the cups look like they would only hold about 3-4 ounces. (of course we're used to Supersize drinks now)When I was little my grandmother let me use it for tea parties for my dolls. I also like to put small flower arrangements in the cups-Lily of the Valley or Sweet Violets look so pretty.

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Well I looked at the marks on the Chocolate set & there is no crown. There is a lion in profile, facing left, sitting on his haunches with his tail culed up behind him like the letter S. He is sitting on a rectangle. Inside the rectangle it says MaDE IN BaVARIA. The lion & mark are in gold-I tried to take a pic but the mark is very faint & wouldn't show up. Thanks,

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There are two or three Bavarian manufacturers who at some time in their history have used the 'rearing' lion, in a left facing profile. None I could find are exactly as you have described, but then again my resources don't show each and every year and most of them change through the years. Sorry I couldn't help........but it sure is a pretty set.

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