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debodunOctober 10, 2013

Why are vintage Christmas decorations so difficult to sell at a garage sale? I have a whole slew of decorations I brought down from the attic in my parent's house that I've been trying to sell for years at my garage sale. No one even looks at them, yet when I go holiday shopping at a department store, people are grabbing up that plastic junk from Asia and shelling out 2 to 3 time the price I would ask for vintage items.

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People looking at garage sales are expecting DEEP discounts, and used Christmas ornaments are just used ... you see "vintage" and have fond memories, they see "old faded ornaments".

Try selling them on as groups of vintage with as much information as possible about date, maker and origin.

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Chipped paint? Silvering faded, tarnished? Missing beads? Neck cap missing? Scratched? Any of those things render them worth close to nothing except, maybe, to a crafter who will tear them apart and reuse the parts. My guess is you are pricing too high. I agree wholeheartedly with lazygardens - you see "vintage" and garage sale lookers see "old". I have a few vintage ornaments for my kitchen Christmas tree. They are in wonderful condition and I have the original packaging. I paid $2 for the most expensive.


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