Meet the Son

jeanninetxMay 24, 2005

Thought you all would like to see the son I always talk about. Not a recent one, 2002 Christmas, but he never changes, except he did cut his hair to a normal length, no more ponytail.

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Hi, it's ya moms friend Elle :) you look great... So nice to finally meet ya..

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it's so nice that we can put a face to the man who your mom talks about! my husband is growing facial hair now, except his seems to be more grey than brown! Ponytails are very big here, i don'tr know if it's because of the cold weather or not! it's so nice to meet you! debbie

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Well the way for your hubby to grow a ponytail or a beard is simple-------Wear a head brace for 3 months!!! By the time they took it off, his hair was to his shoulders and he had a beard. Couldn't do a darn thing with that thing screwed into his head.
He only cut the hair when he had to go to the hospital and rehab for 6 weeks in 2003. He knew laying in a bed for all that time was not going to help his hair.
Dear old mom used to cut the ponytail when it got too long, I am NOT a hairdresser, it was a grab the tail and cut it short!!

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Hello Mike and Jeannine, Keep you all in my prayers. God Bless, Nora

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