Is it possible to convert coils to solid disc burners?

MairieFebruary 5, 2013

I am considering purchasing a 1950's retro electric stove. Does anyone know if it's possible to change out coils for solid disc burners? (I have a spare unit with discs). I'm guessing not since my search turned up nothing. Anyone have experience with this?

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In theory yes...
However the wattages of the elements are going to be different, the controls are matched to the original elements and may not work with the new solid disk burners.

You are probably in store for a complete control change and rewiring of the range.

Also unless this is approved by the manufacturer of the range, if there was ever an issue that might have to have your home owners insurance involved they may look at this as a loop hole to not pay a claim.

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Excellent points on the insurance piece. M.

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