Simple remote device for television

trekkerMay 27, 2011

My aunt wants to buy a big flat-screen TV, which she can afford. She needs an easy-to-use very simple remote device. Those that come with the new television sets are far too complicated for her, because she has trouble with short-term memory. Anybody have any recommendations? I've seen a few advertised but have no experience with any of them.


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Don't know what buttons you'd want to keep and which to dispense with. In any event, I doubt you'll find exactly what you want anywhere.

Something I've had some luck with at our house with elderly mom with macular degeneration and some dementia. Have a big TV universal remote purchased at Radio Shack. Using card stock and tape, I've blocked out all of the buttons except the ones she knows how to use. For us, that's on/off, volume up/down, and mute.

Takes a little skill in construction of the cover because you have to put solid spacers under the surface of the cardboard to prevent pressure from unintentionally triggering a button beneath the cardboard's surface. Otherwise all materials are cheap and principals simple as can be.

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You might contact the company to see if they have any other remotes avaiable. Or ask the manager (not sales) if he/she have any suggestions.

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I don't know if they have anything, but check Radio Shack. AT least they are helpful there.

I found this one on Amazon.

Here is a link that might be useful: Remote

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Reading this post reminded me of my dear MIL who wanted to change the channel but got confused so she would pick up her cordless telephone receiver & start pushing buttons..

Needless to say we were her most called phone number & you know what's next.. We'd answer the phone & could hear the TV in the background & buttons being pushed..

So grab the cell phone, call the extended living home & get them to hang up the phone..

I can laugh about it now but at the time it drove me crazy!

Simple is definitely better!! Lots of luck!!

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It does look as if some smart person would design a remote that had: On, Off, and numbers for the channels. A preset for the available (and desirable ) channels and a preset volumn control.

I had a aunt that left hers on day and night, same station all the time. Problem was all it showed was snow.

I really think there is as big a market for simple as there is for complex and useless.

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How about a device that allows one to disable all but those buttons you want?

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A friend found this on the internet. Who knows anything about it?
Tek Pal - Large Button TV Remote Control BW2007
Costs under $20, available from several sources.

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I bought the Tek Pal device mentioned above, $27 from Amazon including shipping. Unfortunately, my aunt needs to use both the cable remote (to change channels) and the TV remote (to turn on/off TV, regulate volume, also mute button), which means the Tek Pal is of no real use because it works ONLY with the TV and won't allow her to change channels.

This cannot be an unusual circumstance. Truly irritating that we can't find a better solution. We did mark her remote with a sign to show her what button to push if the settings get out of whack. And we made a list of all available channels with the correct number for each.

For the moment that may work.

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