An Exacting day tomorrow

jeanninetxMay 24, 2005

Our son had a bladder infection, went to the Urologist for a bladder scope, everything okay now. However-----as the son is laying on the table, he told the DR. how when he lays down in bed after being up all day he looks like he is 6 months PG. His stomach just sticks straight up in the air. So Dr. pushes on one side of the tummy, and then the other. Turns out the tummy makes waves? Just like it was a pan of water you tilted to one side and the other.

So tomorrow, Tues, Son has to have a cat-scan with contrast of his insides. Oh What Fun!!

We checked with the place doing the c-scan before we came home last week, just to be sure he could be lifted on the table, remember he cannot move. So this will be an experience he does not want, but has to have. Plus they say first c-scan no contrast, then he has to drink something and after about 30 min. back to the scan table. Him and I are not happy, but we have to find if there is a problem.

A bit irrating that most of the medical community is not set up to handle patients like our son, that cannot move by themselves.

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Jeannine, so sorry to hear about your son and the day you're going to have today: it's so taxing on everyone, isn't it? I'm surprised those facilities don't have a Stryker lift or something like that to lift patients; I never thought about this until I read your post: I don't know how we could possibly lift my Mom onto an x-ray table in her frail condition! Something else to worry about...;-)

I hope everything goes well today and that a reason is found for your son's tummy problem. Thank heavens they've been so swift in addressing it!


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I am so sorry.. Please know that my thoughts are going out to him.. Please keep us posted when you get the results..

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No results, but I must give a big hand to the folks at this Image office. They could not have been nicer or more understanding of Michaels condition and worked with it, not against it.
Turns out he drank some contrast prior to all the CTScans, and then the 2 male techs, good to have around, lifted him on the table with no problem. Know Why???
The CT table goes up and down, neat, they lowered it to his wheelchair seat height and just lifted and slid him over. No problems.
I had warned them his legs jump like crazy when laying flat, so they put a triangle piece of Pillow under his knees and no jumping!!!
One tech even stayed in the room, wearing one of those aprons, just to be with him when they did the iv contrast. I wish all places were this accomodating.

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Hi Jeannine, boy you sure had one heck of a day. you are so lucky that there were tecks there to help out. i remember al had to have some x-rays at the clinic where is doctor was, the woman there flat out refused to help him on the xray table, she said there is no way i'm helping you out, if you can't lift him yourself, then i suggest you go to one of the hospitals where they might have someone to help you. also, al needs to have another cateract done on his other eye, but you have to lay flat down, that doctor said, let me know when you can lay perfectly flat on your back and then we can schedule the surgery then. ever weird, al's "legs" such as they are jump like crazy as well. it's so nice to see that there are afew people out there that are not there for their paycheque. debbie

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A bit of a funny to laugh with-------When we went to the Urologist it had been over 4 years so they had us do all that paper work, whats wrong, what meds, etc. The last question section was "How do you feel" The first question was---"Is there anything you would like to change?" Michael and I laughed so hard, he is saying "no I want to be a quad------I love being in a wheelchair!!!" The receptionist even looked over to see what was so funny.

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Jeannine, So glad to hear that things went o.k. and please keep us posted. What a crazy question to ask....another thing I would have put down that I would like to change...don't want to pay for the doctors visit!!!! LOL God Bless....Nora

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HI Jeannine...good to hear from you and see the nice photo of Mike. I hope the tests turn out to be OK, and he feels OK. He is a testimony to all your conscientious care, that's for sure. Don't be such a stranger!!! Derry

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I love Michael's sense of humor.. What a catch he would have been..

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