Value of wrapped brass bed?

party_music50October 20, 2011

Hi -- In 1981 I bought a wrapped brass bed from an antique store and bargained them down to $200. It has a head and foot 'board' and whatever you call the horizontal frame that connects them. Unfortunately that bed ended up in storage for MANY years, and at this point I'd like to sell it.

It wasn't in perfect shape when I bought it... there was some separation in the seam of the wrapped brass at the bottom/back of the headboard. It's also tarnished.

Can anyone give me an idea of what it is worth? maybe it's worth more as scrap metal???

It's hard to get any photos because it's way in the back of the storage pile now, so it will take me awhile to get things moved to get to it.

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Depends largely on the style of the bed.....and what you mean by "wrapped brass".

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Lindac, the antiques dealer told me that it wasn't solid brass. I think it's an iron core that has been literally wrapped with a sheet of brass. By 'style' I guess you mean pattern/design? I'm not finding any on-line that look similar enough to point at. Will try to get some photos... Thanks!

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All "brass" beds are wrapped.....brass is not structurally strong enough to hold the weight of a bed without a core of iron or steel. Wrapped is different from brass plated.
A picture would help. I was at an auction the middle of the summer that had a brass bed that went for a surprisingly small amount to me....only about $250.

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There's also spun brass used to make seamless cylinders that fit over the iron structural pieces. I don't know when the technique changed - or maybe there were always 2 methods - but that's how they were made in the 1970's by a local custom manufacturer when brass beds regained popularity.

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