Help identifying age of chair? Should I refinish it?

crystalcurtisOctober 5, 2010

I picked this up at the local Goodwill because it looked quite old and may look nice refinished. I'm curious if anyone knows or can guess its age?

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Oak schoolhouse chair....about 1920 to maybe 1940.
Probably had another coat of shellac applied every will clean up well.
Linda c

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Thanks! I thought it was oak. Will shellac come off using a stripper? I've never stripped furniture, is there a process you'd recommend or product that is best? I've used Minwax for stain and their polycrylic for finishing. -Crystal

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I would start with a mix of shellac thinner and lacquer thinner....2/3 shellac thinner and 1/3 lacquer thinner.
Put it in a bowl and dip a wad of OOOO steel wool into it...start at the top of the chair and slop some on, let it sit about 30 seconds,,,rub it around with the steel wool and mop up the black goo with paper towels. Repeat!
Work outside and wear rubber gloves.
I am guessing you won't even have to sand....when it has dried for a couple of days, just finish to your liking....or it may be good enough as is. that's just shellac and maybe some varnish....a big deal stripper really ins't needed.
And remember to work outside and wear rubber gloves!!
Linda C

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Got it, outside with gloves. Thank you very much. -Crystal

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