Need a rare Sitzendorf comp

Hoof-heartedOctober 28, 2011

Hello. I have a late 19th Century Sitzendorf that's obviously rare.

Has anyone seen one like this or do you know where I can find a close match? Thanks

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This forum isn't an ad space.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

You might try posting on an Ebay Forum

If you want to inquire here about things you are selling it would be wisest to link instead to picture in PhotoBucket, or some place similar.

To link to your Ebay auction looks as if you are spamming us and spammers get no respect on this forum or elsewhere.

It is the consensus of many/most, that spammers cannot be trusted and that they are usually promoting/selling junk.

I'm curious...why do you think your statue is rare?

Your auction states, "We are giving away this rare and valuable late 19th century Sitzendorf figurine absolute with

NO RESERVE and Free Shipping (Winning bidder pays small insurance fee)"

"Giving away" is imho, pretty bad wording.

I wouldn't buy anything not know what the Winning bidder pays small insurance fee would cost.

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You sound like an unscrupulus shyster. "Giving Away" all your items for sale....ya, right! And with no feedback what-so-ever and a user name of "Shel_Out".

Consumers would be well advised to avoid you. There's many more items such as yours being sold on ebay, making yours not really so rare and valuable.

But, giving you the benefit of the doubt, I don't think you should be advertising your ebay items on this board.

Nuff said.

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