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bulldinkieOctober 4, 2012

Some family lost their father.He lived in a small house.They want to destroy the house ,build a new one,my hubby is a builder.He said the house is just like the day he died.He said to the family 3 times when are you cleaning it out?They said we're not were done.So hubby called me he said do you want to root before we bulldoze it ,He said there is some nice dishes etc Alot of the stuff he didnt even use its still in original packing,I got 2 cut glass bowls,2 candy dishes,a beer stein,pitcher & bowl set I want to look up some of these things,there were 2 bibles,even his glasses & remote were still on the table beside the couch..There were baby pictures,the family just didnt want to bother.They bulldozed it yesterday

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That's so sad when a family just is willing to destroy all the old family pictures and momentos.
But glad you got the good stuff out....

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That is sad.

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"We're done'. It sounds like the family cleaned out (took) what they wanted, needed, had room or a use for it.

Go to the 'organizing' forum and you may get a better understanding of why stuff was left.

Or, interpret as they took the REALLY good stuff. Either way, you got some things that you can enjoy.


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