where's heydeborah???

DianePAApril 1, 2005

thinking about her and her family, haven't seen her posting in quite awhile...hope everything is ok?????? saying a prayer! DianePA

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Hey Diane...how are you and family??? I was thinking the same thing. Hope all is o.k. with Deb and family. I haven't been on as much. Been darn busy with being retired!! Saying a prayer for all my special friends here on caregivers. God Bless, Nora

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HI Nora,
good to see ya! hows your mom and dad doing???
we aren;t doing to bad, DH's knees and hips seem to bother him more these days. one of these days his cancer dr will have him do another skeletal survey, its been over a year since he's had one, but think he is kind of worried what it will show! but time will tell! we take it one day at a time!! DH and I are back on our diets I had lost about 50lbs but gained 21 back, so got back on our diet, hate to call it a diet, more a life style change! I've lost 6 lbs since Monday! DH has lost a half pound, but I have been doing the treadmill, and he's really not able to do much exercising, so makes a difference!
the kids and DGK's are doing good too.
we didn't go to church today, got about 7" of snow and still snowing. our DD and hubby went out last night, while they were gone a tree come down where they park their van, so good thing they went out I guess, now he'll have to cut the tree up!
I have a dr appt the 13th, had my bone density test done again, had it done 2 yrs ago, this time they said i have a significant decrease in my bone mass, so have to go see what course of action we take. I have a little spotting now an again too, so going to have that checked out, since I'm on tamoxifen for breast cancer, it can cause uteran cancer, and i have fibroid tumors, so could be that. Hope nothing seroius though, its always something!
well got to go, take care and glad your enjoying your retirement. we are looking forward to planting time, glad your DF is still able to do his gardening! DH wants to add another 4" board to his tabletop garden, to make it deeper, gives him something to do! DD has some flowers atarted, but the cat keeps getting into them and eating them!
well got to go. take care !!! have a good day! DianePA

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Diane, Good to hear from you. Hope things will be o.k. with doctors appt. Congrats. on shedding the weight...I so need to get back on mine...what are you doing???? I know that it is just a life change...stop the cokes...for me and no bread....I feel really strong and start and then before you know it I am eating treats...I don't buy them for us but my Dad loves his snack cakes and I will reach for one while down there.LOL Went to church this morning and put my black slacks on and they were snug....what will I wear....LOL....sorry to hear that you are getting so much snow....we had such a beautiful day...everything is blooming...I just love this time of year...yours will come soon. Take care and thoughts and prayers being sent your way. Nora

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Hello, Nora and Diane....

Been wondering where Debbie is, also! We've been emailing, but I haven't heard from her for a few days....I'll email my cousin there and ask if she's seen her....
Take care

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hi everyone! thanks for thinking about me! so many new names, welcome all! you all made me feel so special! i've been going through a hard time, trying to figure some things out for myself, i think i'm just tired and don't have enough time in a day to do everything! spring has finally arrived here in "the Bay" for you folks in the southern states, we only have about 3 feet of snow now!! but we have to have one more big snow storm to have spring. al is just tired now and sleeps his days and is awake at night, and his "legs" are in alot of pain, his heart meds are making him sick all the time, -- i'm starting to think he may be giving up, and then i think maybe it's the weather, but he doesn't look well. the kids are fine, and ds is going to toronto, next week for work, -- to go golfing - to learn about new golf clubs, that will be nice for him since we have alot of friends and relatives there, dd is going to sign up for big sisters next week it will help her when she applies to university, this is a really heavy semester for her but she seems to get all the work done. i've had a ton of migranes and my doctor is off sick again until the fall, infact i just came from the clinic and saw the doctor on call, -- are you ready for this one, dd and i went to the garden show here in town, i felt something bite me and didn't think anything more about it, until today when i felt sick, so she and i went to the clinic, i was bit by a korean insect and have 8 bites on my leg, so i am on antibotics for the next 10 days -- it could only happen to me! congrats to all the weight losers -- do you know that diet is a 4 letter word at our house - lol. well gang it's time to open a new mystery book in that bubblebath! enjoy the evening and the mild weather! debbie

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Deb, good to see ya! was worried that something might have happened to Al or one of you! glad thats not the case! Sorry Al isn't feeling good and not sleeping well, can you some how entertain him during the day to keep him awake, and maybe he would sleep better at night? not sure what though, just a thought! sorry you got all those bites, sounds painful, hope the antibotics do there job!!! take care and enjoy the nice weather. we had about 7" of snow on Sunday, but all melted off on Monday, and today was about 70!! good to see ya back!! DianePA

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Well it's about TIME, Debbie! ;-D NICE to hear from you again!
Sorry about Al...Diane may have something there, about keeping him awake during the day...maybe you could take up the drums or something...? Have you talked to his doc about those meds making him ill? How long has he been on them? Honey, it's no wonder you're having migranes...so much on your plate. Has your son come here, yet?

We're down to only patches of snow, our front yard is free of the stuff, and only one patch left in our back yard which, if it doesn't disappear soon, will have a blow-dryer aimed at it! Our tulips are up about 4"! Yes,...paradise! haha! Until the mosquitos arrive! Sorry about your garden-show experience! I'll have to tell my cousin that story, I know she went to it there, too! Good grief.

So. Hide in your tubby with a good book for now and stay indoors until the snow is all gone! Or until you run out of food. Whichever comes first...;-)

Take good care, Sweetie!

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Deb, So good to see your post...sorry Al is not feeling well and I pray those migranes will stop for you and enough,enough....a spider bite!!! Hope those meds. take care of it. Sounds like your kids are busy. Wished I could box up some of our beautiful sunshine and warm weather and send to you....be good to yourself...bubble bath and good book....God Bless. Nora

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Hi Deb...glad to hear from you. I, too, was worried about you guys. I know it drags you down when Al is feeling so bad. I remember a while back that the meds were making him sick...and then he felt better...what did they do to help help him then?
Sending a warm PUFF of Virginia air your way...the daffodils are in bloom and tulips on the way.
(((Deb))) Derry

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hi everyone on this gloomy cloudy day it's 6C or about 41F out right now, the windshield was covered in ice and we're all still wearing parkas boots, mitts and toques (for our new friends out there, they are winter hats). these antibiotics are making me feel ill, but i'm just going to take them, to me it's worth being sick for awhile and maybe lose some weight! (no diet (that 4 letter word) for this gal! we did find out (actually just awhile ago) that the pharmacy changed brands on one of al's meds, so we're going to have to take them at different times and see if that will work or not -- it did before) friday he goes to the eye doctor to see if it's time to get the cateracs done again (linda i think you'd be interested in this one -- because al is a diabetic, we don't have to pay for the visit, but when i did our income tax, old dalton is making sure he get's his ohip paid for, and the other weird thing is our income tax returns are done in winnipeg, not even our province). matthew decided not to go to your town because he was supposed to fly back, then the guy said i'll give you 50.00 towards the greyhound!) oh well, this guy is really nice, he'll be the new manager of old navy , and his family lives in your city. i did really well yesterday at the salvation army -- got 2 mary maxim sweater kits not even opened for 3.99 each! has anyone seen any robins yet? enjoy your morning and smile at a stranger! debbie

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