Miele washer question

eleenaFebruary 16, 2013

Sorry about cross-posting but I am under the impression that people who frequent the Laundry forum are those who are buying W/D right NOW. My question is mostly for those who already have or had in the past a Miele washer.

I cannot figure out if the door should be kept open or closed when not in use.

I read the manual for W3033 model and it seems to me that the door has to be closed after use. Here is what it says on p. 24 (Program End):

Open the drum door and remove the laundry.

Check the folds of the door seal for any small articles.

Close the drum door.

Activate the Child Lock so children or animals do not find their way into the drum.

As far as I know, all or most other washers need to be kept open in order to prevent from mildewing. (I learned it the hard way after DH left the door closed when leaving for a vacation. No matter what I did, I could never get completely rid of mold ever since.)

Is Miele different then and why?


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I have had a miele washer machine for several years and I keep my door shut. I am very careful and do the sanitize option each month as suggested. I do not have mold.
I agree the door has to be shut for the child lock to be activated.

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Thank you!

I think that alone would be a reason for me to buy it. -)

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Obviously, the door cannot be locked unless it is closed. Whether you leave it open or closed is up to you.

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