Broiler vs Grill on 36 ranges (Wolf, Monogram)

twix6February 15, 2012

I am evaluating purchasing a 36 inch professional range for home use. My current choice is between a Wolf AG and a Monogram Dual Fuel. I have read all the topics here on the Blue Start and Capital so I will look at those two in the next week or so.

I am debating on the configuration, grill vs griddle. WOuld love a grill but...

My question is, regarding the infrared broiler functionality on the Wolf stove, which is either on or off, with 18,000 Btu being pumped out. Great for searing but what about using it for burgers, vegetables, or other food items that can not stand that much intense heat?

I see that the Monogram grill is adjustable, which seems nice. Not sure if the grill is adjustable on the CC or the Blue Star.

Folks that have this infrared grill on the wolf, how do you like it?

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I knocked Wolf off my list because of the grill. I use my grill quite often for many different things, least of which is steak. The Wolf grill is designed to only sear steak. I went with a CC which has full adjustment of the btu output. I have the griddle also but I find I'm left wanting. At the end of the day it is so much easier to take out my flat pan and cook something than to go through the heat up time (it takes at least 20-30 minutes to get even temp on the griddle). And let's not even talk about clean up, which is massively easier with a pan in the sink...

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I would get both, but not built in.

Get a 6 burner stove and then buy a nice Griddle and a Grill/Broiler to use when you need them.
Easier to clean up and more versatile.

Here is a link that might be useful: Griddle/Broilers

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I opted for the grill. Not installed yet so I can't comment but Wolf certainly seems to think you can cook things other than steak on it! They have suggested times on their website. The griddle just sounded like a mess to clean and keep clean. I have a two burner griddle cover that I like and putting it in the sink is much easier than cleaning something on the stove I think.

I understand the grill essentially cleans itself - heat is so high it burns everything off. Someone on here recently said they put a foil pan over the grill after using it and then scrub with a wire brush after 10 minutes, then put the cover on. They disassemble and clean occasionally, but not after every use.

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Thanks for the feedback. I would really like to hear from somebody that has the Wolf grill how the veggie/hamburger grilling is.

Another thing that irks me with the Wolf is the fact that the grill cover is not at the same height with the burner grates on each side. The monogram has it where the grill and the burner grates are all even so you have a 36 inch wide continuous surface.

I really like Wolf, but more I think about it, their AG just does not appeal me. Plus they will be re-designing the model.

Capital does not have a dual fuel right?

For under $6000 with a discount, to me the Monogram seems like a great deal as a dual fuel professional stove. Not much raving about it, but also not much complaints either.

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