broken dolls are they authentic

laurasthemeOctober 20, 2011

A few years ago I bought a bunch of broken tiny dolls and figurines that supposedly are vintage and came from an old doll factory in Germany. How can I know if they're authentic. I bought them in a reputable antique store, but I'm still leery of advertising them as such.

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Unless they are marked....or unless you are well versed in the small nuances of individual dolls....I guess you can't KNOW for sure.
But what kind of value will broken dolls have anyhow?

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What do you mean by "broken" are the arms & legs intact but just removed from the bodies? Are the dolls all china, or porcelain but heads broke in pieces, arms & legs broken? I used to go over to Pasadena with lady to get her dolls repaired by expert. 1 was a real mess, had been in incinerator at house they moved into & 1/2 of face damaged. The doll lady restored it to look same on both sides of face & it was a lovely expensive German doll so well worth it. The doll lady's house looked like a museum & most of rooms were full of lovely dolls,carriages, amazing toys from the past. If they have markings & are in good shape-all pieces there, someone can repair them if they are an expert restorer, question is if anyone would want to "take them on". If some are celluloid they might not be able to be fixed(it's very flammable)Don't know if can be glued. Can you put the pieces of 1 doll all on a cloth or are they just jumbled up pieces someone might buy & find they wouldn't get even 1 doll out of the pieces. If that is case would be worthless. A broken face is much more noticeable than if break is in back of head. A pic would help!

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