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Janice742February 20, 2013

I guess this is more of a vent than anything...

Newer home - first owner - 6 years old

All KA appliance -- SS higher end models.

Double Wall oven - year 5 - self clean cycle locked up. Repair cost $500. (new blower, thermostat)

Last month - occurred again. Bottom oven still works, but top does not.

Cooktop -- Rubber feat always come off the grates. Hence, cooktop become scratched. Cooktop itself scratches easily.

Dishwasher -- Repaired door once. Not a big deal. But it stopped working last week. No water getting to unit. Might not be the dishwasher itself, but I'm not happy.

Microwave -- it's over the cooktop. Would not have it here, but we didn't design the home.
Control panel replaced 3 years ago. The unit was randomly turning itself on. Scary stuff. Handle also needed replacement due to cracking.

So -- we decided to just replace everything except the microwave. Shouldn't have to do this at the 7 year mark. Cooktop is not necessary, but we are going with Bosch and they have a 15% rebate if you purchase 3 appliances. Makes sense to do this now.

The more I read about KA, the more I'm finding that their products are just not reliable like they used to be.

Been reading here about Bosch - thinking it's the right move, as we can't really go high end, like Viking or Thermador for the cooktop/oven.

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So, at least the KA fridge is still okay? (From seven years ago, it likely will have been is a Whirlpool fridge with slightly different cosmetics and a longer warranty on the sealed systems.)

On the microwave, you might want to read the story linked below which Consumer Reports published a couple of weeks ago.

Water not getting to the DW? You mean the DW comes on and the LEDs light up but no water flows? I suppose you have already checked the water supply line to be sure the valve is not off and that the line is not plugged. If the line is okay, it is something internal, such as a failed pump or a burned out circuit on the controller board. My thought would be this: if the cost of replacing the conroller or pump is going to be $300 or more, I'd buy a new dishwasher.

Of course, there also is a controversy over controller board burnouts and fires with Whirlpool made DWs which includes KA branded units. Use "Whirlpool + dishwasher + fire + CPSC" as your search string if you want to research this further.

Bosch DWs are mostly well reviewed here. Had one (SHU3 series) for 15 years until the controller board died last summer. Replacement boards were no longer available according to the parts houses that I checked. Replaced the old DW (which will become a smoker) with a 500 series (SHE55M). It works very well but the loading pattern is different and took some getting used to. If you want to research these further, I recall a recent (within the last month) thread discussing the 500 series models. But, maybe you've already seen it?

Here is a link that might be useful: After denial, Whirlpool admits microwave self-starts can occur

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DD bought a KA DW just over a year ago. She has had it serviced 4 times. It shuts itself off. New computer board replace X 3. They refuse to replace the DW. Actually stated that it is cheaper to replace the part repeatedly than replace. The part may be free but since the warranty is over they charge over $100 for each service call plus her time off from work.

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Thank you for sharing the Consumer Reports article. I had not seen it.

Such a shame that they won't consider the recall.

The oven issue is along the same lines - I've heard from too many people - including our local appliance salesman, that the KA self clean cycle is defective.

While I normally don't go for extended warranties, I think they have scared me into them for our next purchase - regardless of manufacturer

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