I need some advice

imabestApril 15, 2005

Today I had a Dr appt and so did my Hubby.We went to the Dr about 8.45 and then left and went to pick her wheelchair up.Then on to Walmart to get some grocery.

I just knew the whole time I was gone when we got home that I would find my mother on the floor.

I opened the door came in her room and sure enough she was laying on the floor!!!!!!!! I don't know for how long but my hubby and I he with rotor cuff surgery just a month of ago and me with 3 bad disk and pinched nerve in my back.

I pulled under her arms and he pulled on her hands to get her up.

Sure enough I heard and felt a big pop in my lower back.

Now I am crawling around !!!!! Just cannot do any lifting on her.

So far the PT that is coming has been no help my mom almost ran for her with the walker.Hubby and I were in the state of shock how fast she went.

I told the PT girl this is not her normal walk.

She is very unsteady and unsure normally.

The 2nd time the girl came my Mom had had her fall here at home.

I called the nurse with home care today and she said take your mom to er and have her evaluated Or she could come.

I was so upset with her I told her to just forget it.

I thought that they would be much more help than they are but so far this is a joke.

The nurse says she will be making 2 visit next week and she is done.

My mom has swollen feet which is not normal looks like they would come and check her out for awhile.

Now I have to take her to the Dr next Tues and don't even know how I will get her in the car to get her there.

What do you all know about home care.

The nurse will be here next week and I mad enough to ask her just what the heck it is they do for people who have no one.

if you all have any advice and suggestions please tell me I am at the end of my rope.

hugs for all Kathy

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Do you have chair car transportation in your area? This is an ambulance that is actually designed to carry patients in wheelchairs. They are rolled right into the van (there's a hydraulic lift on the back that goes from ground level to van level) and secured. Many people are transported to doctors' appointments that way. If the doctor issues an order, the insurance should pay for it. If not, it might be well worth the money to pay for it yourself -- you can't get your mother in and out of the car right now. It compromises your health and her safety.

As far as the swollen feet: you should not let them brush this off. Your mother is quite elderly and this could be a sign of congestive heart failure. If the doctor doesn't seem concerned, push the issue.

I can tell you that elderly people with NO ONE get pushed through the system. I wondered the same thing when my mother was sick, for I was her fierce advocate and nothing went unnoticed or unaddressed on my watch. Your mother is fortunate to have you, Kathy, but you need to take care of yourself too.

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Agree with laser, Kathy. Maybe you need some in-home hel,p while she gets her strength back and so she will not have to be alone. Dangerous for all of you. Home health is not terribly helpful, but home PT should be able to help you. Get her to teach you all how to get her up off the floor. Also many vol. rescue squads will come and do it. It is very hard, I know. Derry

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Kathy, keep in mind that even had you been in the house, you could not have kept her from falling. There is a real danger here in that not only will she fall, but that she may fall and pull you down with her. I don't know what a good solution will be. Do her shoes fit well and support her ankles? Will she stay in the wheel chair? It's the safest place for her.

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I agree with lasershow...but I think you have to be very firm with whoever you contact...let them know YOUR physical limitations. You already have compromised your health by trying to do too much, just like we all tend to do...I hope you can get more help than you have right now...good luck to you.

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Hi Kathy! Iknow exactly how you felt! and i wasn't even injured! al had fallen out of his wheelchair in the kitchen and was in terrible pain, it ended up that he had broken one of his "shorter legs" i also remember calling 911 and the fire trucks and ambulance came and took him to the hospital! we have the bus system called "HAGI" here and i think a ride costs about 5.00 or so it is for people who are in wheelchairs, however, i cannot ride along. we have about 6 taxi companies in town also who are wheelchair accessible and i can ride along. if you read my post about any alterations done on your home, you can see how i know that others are taken advantage of. i have also told other people if they, or people they know are in this situation give me a call, i'll come over, i have fought insurance companies and always win, i think the trick is don't back down, and find the answers to your questions before hand (by looking them up on the computer or library) and always,always get things in writing! debbie

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