Help suggesting China mfr. based on vague recollection

lazydaisynotOctober 2, 2012

I'm nostalgic about a set of fine china from my childhood. The set is long gone and my memory is vague. What I recall: white background (predominant color); kelly green ornamentation; gold ornamentation; possibly other colors; botanical motif that I believe differed on various pieces; lids of covered dishes/tureens had handles shaped like stems/plants. I believe the set was purchased in the 1950s or before; definitely no later than the early 60s. I think it was finer rather than heavy (in terms of heft and thickness). I don't think there were any small regular designs, but rather more freeform flourishes; so while it was quite lovely and "fancy", it didn't have a traditional, formal look. I'm guessing it was not inexpensive.

I'd like to search for a piece or two if it's available and affordable but I have no idea where to begin. My google searches for the shaped handles took me to Fitz and Floyd, but what I saw on-line was more exaggerated, for lack of a better word, than the set I'm recalling. Any guesses of manufacturers, despite my vague and perhaps even incorrect description? Thanks, all!

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Possibly Herend?

Here is a link that might be useful: herend

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Thank you for the suggestion, Linda. That may be it. The feel is correct, though some details are not as I recall. I don't remember the smaller scaled ornamentation being so regular. However that seems to be the best option within Herend, and Herend looks like a very likely candidate.

We had a 12-piece place setting of the green and white china with many serving dishes. Remembering my Norwegian grandmother's comment that food looks best on plain white china, I opted for the other set (of completely plain white china). I was 21 at the time. Ah, hindsight. I can see that I won't be reassembling a set now, at these prices.

I really appreciate your taking the time to help me.

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Linda, having done some more googling of images, I'm sure your right. The sculpted shape of some of the larger Herend tureens, the openwork "woven" bowls, and the half lemon atop some handles are suggestive of some of the pieces we had. Thanks again for your expertise and help.

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I though perhaps it might be Mottahedeh Chelsea Botanicals, the china that makes me drool...

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Sweeby, that's not the one, but it sure is lovely.

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Have you looked through the Spode patterns?

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Thanks for the suggestion, Texas. I did quickly look through Spode and didn't see anything similar to our old China. I'm pretty sure Linda's suggestion is the right one, though I surely welcome any other thoughts.

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