How do I handle this?

cheloneApril 5, 2005

Mum lives with me. She still owns a home, though. It didn't take long before people began politely nosing around to see what the status of the house was... for sale, about how much, etc., etc.. I understand the curiosity; if you don't ask the question you might miss an opportunity... .

BUT. One gal has contacted me by phone (I was polite but curt; we aren't interested in selling), followed up with a letter (big time "touchy feely", and to which I did NOT respond) and I just received another today.

I'm annoyed. I was politely brusque and she has not taken the hint. I am even more annoyed that she obtained my address via the woman who took over my mother's former position. I am not sure how to deal with sort of solicitation... got any ideas?

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About all you can do is ignore it. One thought....have you checked with her insurance carrier? Some policies will refuse to pay for anything that happens to an unoccupied house. You might want to look into special coverage. I know that the coverage on my aunt's house was canceled when they found out she was in a nursing home even though a member of the family was still living there. Their stand was that the OWNER of the house was not there.

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Ignore the person. 'Nuff said

BUT! You probably need to look into estate planning, and your Mother's assets and the impact of her assets on her status for health care assistance, etc. It might be better to sell her home and turn her assets into 'liquid' as in cash. But this is the time to talk to an attorney who specializes in eldercare and trust issues. Seriously, these matters are best not left to chance.

But still, if you care to sell the property, go about it in a realistic fashion, and interview several real estate agents who specialize in the community.

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We have taken care of the insurance issue.

We have also dealth with estate planning with respect to the house. But they are points that are important and subtlties that so many miss in the transition from a self-sufficient life to a life that requires the care of others.

Thanks for your thoughts, guys.

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Good Lord, people never cease to amaze me. This pushy woman is apparently so dense that she will not get the message unless you say it upfront. So do so. "Please do not contact us again" if she calls and "Return to Sender" if she mails you another letter.

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interesting question!! i too would put refused and send it back to her! as ann landers says you can't let people take advantage of you. also i am a sucker for the religious groups that come to our door at least twice a week -- i several written signs that i hang on our door, they are: sleeping do not disturb, migrane do not knock, we all have the flu, do not knock. i just change them up, everyday, sounds like i'm perinoid doesn't it, but i stupidly stand there and listen to these folks!!, after a month of these signs (and of course tell your friends they can knock at any time, except for me the girl one house over, that likes to bring her 2 and 4 year over, and i will say is dense, i don't let her in because i love my nick-nacks and they touch everything) they started skipping our house. also tell her your lawyer will contact her when the time is appropriate and not before. as for me, it doesn't pay to be nice! let us know what happens! debbie

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