Barley Twist Dining Table

Juju0532October 20, 2012

Hey...I just bought this beautiful dining table on CL today...48" round with 3 12" leaves (that don't match so well) I am not sure of the wood...doesn't look like oak...Does anyone know more about this style and possible value? I would like to re-sell it...not sure if I should refinish it...I love the patina as is...

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Whatever it is, it's stained "mahogany".
Really can't tell much from one very blurry picture.

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This is a transitional table, probably from the 1920s.

At the ends of the arts and crafts period, furniture makers who made arts&crafts furniture almost exclusively were left with partially finished inventory and shops and stock set up to produce a style of furniture that was losing popularity.

So they took a look at what they had and tried to turn it into "Early American" or "Jacobean" which were two styles that were coming into vogue.

It made for some unusual combinations, some of which is really ungainly and some of which is pleasantly ugly and kind of quaint.
This is a Stickley piece of the period, based on one of their center pedestal craftsman tables tricked out with Jacobean style legs. Yours is similar, so it may be a company who knocked off Stickley at the time and followed suit when they left the arts and crafts market. Unless you can find markings on it identifying the maker, I doubt that refinishing it would have negative effect on its value, because the current finish is not good.

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Hopefully this is a better pic...
It is 48" round with 3 12" leaves...

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I think Pal nailed it....

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